Water Soluble CBD vs. Non-Water Soluble CBD


Cannabidiol (CBD) has been recently covered in the media, and you may have even seen it as an add-in booster to your post-workout smoothie or morning coffee. What exactly is CBD? Why is it suddenly so popular?


CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is the second most prevalent of the active ingredients of cannabis (marijuana). While CBD is an essential component of medical marijuana, it is derived directly from the hemp plant, which is a cousin of the marijuana plant.


CBD is a component of marijuana (one of the hundreds), but itself it does not cause a “high.” According to a report from the World Health Organization, “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential. To date, there is no evidence of public health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.”


Water-Soluble vs. Oil-Soluble CBD: What You Need To Know


Hemp-derived CBD oil making rounds around the world

What most people don’t know is that CBD, in its natural oil form, can only be effectively incorporated into the body through a narrow range of uses. Common oil-based delivery methods, like tinctures, are not meant to be swallowed, and for a good reason.


It all comes down something known as bioavailability, which indicates how much of any given substance is actually able to be absorbed by the body. There’s one bodily process, in particular, that’s responsible for preventing the effective uptake of CBD oil in the stomach.


First Pass Metabolism

First-pass metabolism is a physiological phenomenon in drug (plant extract) delivery science where the concentration of a compound is greatly reduced before it reaches the systemic circulation.


This concentration reduction means a decrease in bioavailability and is a relatively common problem that affects a huge range of compounds including, morphine, curcumin (from turmeric), lidocaine, nitroglycerin, and many found in cannabis. The first-pass metabolism only affects the bioavailability of CBD oil for sale when consumed orally, and there are some creative chemistry techniques used to get around it.


Luckily, rubbing CBD into your skin, dropping some tincture under your tongue, or hitting a vape pen allows the CBD to enter the systemic circulation directly. These delivery methods don’t go near any of the mechanisms associated with the first-pass effect, and bioavailability is not negatively affected.


What’s the problem?


The issue still remains that we cannot effectively absorb CBD when swallowed in its natural oil state. You might be thinking, “What about all the CBD capsules and drinks out there? Am I not actually getting the full dose that’s advertised?” The answer to those questions all depends on the method used to formulate the CBD extract.


Water-Soluble CBD


One of the primary ways to overcome the first-pass effect is to convert the naturally oil-soluble CBD extract into a water-soluble form. This makes total sense, especially when considering the fact that the average adult is somewhere from 50–60% water.


Converting CBD oil to a water-soluble powder greatly increases the ways in which it can be used. Not everyone wants to hold a tincture under their tongue or hit a vape pen in order to get their dose of CBD.


When we take a look what’s on the shelves of health and wellness aisles in natural food stores, we can see that there are an overwhelmingly large amount of capsules and drink-powders. Only by converting CBD oil into a water-soluble powder can we effectively incorporate CBD into these types of products.


Water-soluble CBD powder opens up a world of possibilities. Not only does it allow us to use capsules as a form of precise CBD delivery effectively, but it also lets us use CBD in any drink or food product we can imagine.


Water-soluble CBD is simply more efficient than other methods of delivery. This efficiency not only means that more CBD enters the system, but also that it can be more affordable for the consumer overall. If your body is absorbing more CBD, then you need to take less to reach the desired effects.

How does water-soluble CBD work more effectively?


As CBD is in oil form, it is hydrophobic and does not dissolve into water. Our bodies comprise 60 percent of water, the CBD does not absorb into our bloodstream, and its effectiveness is limited. Therefore, the CBD is broken down into tiny molecules. These tiny molecules are coated in lipid carriers that help them to stay suspended in water. These particles can be as small as 100nm.


Water-soluble CBD or Nano CBD has been known to have numerous benefits. It works through the process of emulsification, which makes it effective for the body when taken orally. The emulsification breaks down the oil into a powder that can be easily absorbed in water. This makes the CBD water compatible.


However, this does not mean that CBD can be absorbed in water. This only means that it can only work more successfully.


How is Sproutly making a difference?


Sproutly is the holder of an innovative patent-pending water-soluble technology for truly infusing THC into any food or beverage.


We have all seen “cannabis-infused” beverages on the market already, and there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of supply or demand for the edibles currently on the market, so what is so different about this latest tech?


Sproutly’s INFUZ20 product


Sproutly’s INFUZ20 product claims that their water-soluble tech will deliver the desired effects of the dose taken within five minutes and that all effects will wear off completely within 90 minutes.


According to Guidancepa.com, the Canadian company’s “Aqueous Phytorecovery Process (APP) uses proprietary, not-toxic, generally recognized as safe (GRAS) reagents to extract water-soluble forms of the bioactive cannabinoids in cannabis such as THC and CBD.”


What separates INFUZ20 from other seemingly similar products already on the market is that these other brands are using “water-compatible” tech, not true water-soluble tech. From what we could find, all cannabis-infused beverages currently on the market suspend the THC in oil molecules in the liquid beverage.


This suspension in oil forces the THC molecules to pass through the human digestive system which vastly degrades the uptake of THC into the user’s system. In other words, you need to invest more to get the feeling you are looking for.


It’s this slow digestive process that makes a bad edibles trip, or a good mushroom trip, stretch for hours whether you want it to or not.


INFUZ20 doesn’t need the oils or sweeteners to mask or transport its water-soluble THC, which leads to a more natural and lower calorie product – two more hot-selling points in today’s mainstream marketplace.


When it comes to potency and accurate dosing, water-soluble cannabinoids seem to be the wave of the future. With complete dissolution in water or liquid, the user can be sure that the product will deliver consistent doses in every ounce consumed. But perhaps the most interesting aspect of this new technology is that the non-toxic extraction process. THC and CBD are just two of over 113 separate cannabinoids that have been discovered in the cannabis plant so far.


Sproutly’s tech claims to capture the full spectrum of these cannabinoids. If true, not only will this vastly improve the efficacy and healing benefits of the product, but it will allow the company to capture specific strain ratios into their product truly. If the label says it was derived from Strawberry Tahoe, users can expect to receive the same benefits by drinking it as they do from smoking that specific strain, instead of just pounding some sugary drink full of artificial strawberry flavoring.  


The rapid onset time of just 5 minutes and the manageable clearance time of 90 minutes is awfully close to the experience that many cannabis smokers enjoy.




CBD is still the buzzword in the health and beauty industry, as scientists are discovering its benefits every other passing day. It has become popular in a short time and has become the go-to solution for many problems. It has been found to solve problems that medical science has been unable to solve until now, and further work on it can lead to groundbreaking discoveries in the field of medicine. It is being used in both water-soluble and non-water-soluble form. The non-soluble form works better as oils or tinctures while the water-soluble CBD can be ingested to work more efficiently.

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