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39 BCS Viva Result
39 BCS Viva Result
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39 BCS Viva Result is about to be published. This long viva journey of 39 BCS is going to end with a resolution. The government has decided to recruit about four thousand plus doctors at a time. Every day 190 viva candidates have given their viva exam to PSC (Public Service Commission). And this is also remembered for the last intake of Freedom Fighter Quota.

39 BCS Viva Result

Latest Update of 39 Result

39 BCS Posting Gazette Download

39 BCS Gazette PDF Download

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39 BCS Gazette is available here. Download 39 BCS Gazette [official PDF] of mohfw gov bd.

Individual Link:

Merit List 1 – 1078

Merit List 1079-2002

Merit List 2003-3055

Merit List 3056-4537

Dental Posting

39 BCS Gazette Download

39 BCS Gazette PDF Download

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39 BCS Gazette is available here. Download 39 BCS Gazette [official PDF] of mopa gov bd. MOPA means Ministry of Public Administration. 39 BCS Posting Information will be updated soon here.

  • Health Checkup Notice published on 10 July 2019.

39 BCS Viva result will be published. There is no confusion left. The Daily Ittefaq Confirmed that the viva result of 39 Special BCS for doctors will be published today (30-APR-19) at 4:00 PM. Please check here for the updated Viva Result with PDF download Link.

Health Checkup Notice

Health check-up notice for 39 BCS candidates has been published. The notice has been published on the DGHS website. The health checks up will be started on 21 July 2019. Please click here to download the health checkup notice of 39 BCS candidate.

Health Checkup Notice PDF 39 BCS

39 BCS Viva Result in PDF

If you are looking for 39th BCS viva result in PDF format download, you have come to the right place. I have uploaded the published 39th viva result here. The BPSC (Bangladesh Public Service Commission) official website bpsc.gov.bd is too congested. If you are looking for the PDF version of the Viva result, I am providing the PDF download link uploading in different server.

Link 1: 39 BCS Viva Result Download [PDF]

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Link 2: Alternate Link: 39 BCS Viva Result Download [PDF]

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Link 3: Alternate Link: 39 BCS Viva Result Download [PDF]

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Official BPSC PDF Download Link: 39 BCS Viva Result Download [PDF]

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Earlier, We have published the 39 BCS Preliminary Question Solve and 39 BCS preliminary circular. So Shout Me Crunch always trying to give you the latest update of 39 BCS.


Why is ’39 BCS’ Different?

39 BCS is different from any other general BCS. Usually, BCS Exam is held regularly and recruit all technical cadre. But due to the scarcity of doctors in the periphery (Upazila), this BCS is special. This 39 BCS will recruit only doctors.


13219 Assistant Surgeon + 531 Dental Surgeon Candidates are called for Viva.

How many Doctors will be recruited?

The most awaited question of the present situation is how many doctors will be recruited by the government as a medical officer or assistant surgeon in 39th BCS? The previous 39th BCS official circular said the total number would be 4792. But after that health minister and several other persons related to health announced that the recruited doctor number would be increased.

There are several announcements in public that the number can be around Ten Thousand. (10000).

Total 13750 viva candidates took part in the viva exam. Some of the 39 preli passed candidates cant give the viva exam as their internship has not been completed yet. Some of the candidates get chance in 36 and 37 BCS.

MISSION 39 BCS ONLY FOR DOCTORS® a closed group which consists of about 24,703 members, seem to be a beneficial facebook group. 

When will be the 39 BCS Viva Result?

Everybody is looking for the date ‘when 39 BCS viva result will be published?‘, The answer is predictable right now. Some of the 39 BCS enthusiasts already share their source news in their Facebook profile that BCS Viva result of 39 will be published after 28th April 2019. So get set ready, and hope for the best. 

Previously there is a gossip that viva voce result of BCS 39 will be published on 11th April 2019, but it didn’t. 

39 BCS Final Gazette Download

After getting the result of 39 BCS Viva, your journey becoming a first class gazetted officer is still not complete. You need to be in the list of Final gazette of 39 BCS. We, the team member of Shout Me Crunch will upload the Final Gazette (Genuine PDF Version) in here with two different backup server. Dont miss the update of any 39 BCS recruitment news. Better, you should bookmark this post, by pressing CTRL+D.

39 BCS Gazette Download Link [PDF]

What will you do if you are not selected in Viva Result of 39 BCS?

Dont be depressed if you fail at 39 BCS Viva

Always remember

“life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

A famous quote from one of the best inspirational film “Forrest Gump.” If you tried so hard but end in failing in final selection, dont be upset. You have 40th BCS ahead to be prepared. You can read my previous article on “8 Killer Tips to Fight Depression Alone“. Being a government employed doctor can make you financially stable at the beginning, but there are lots more other ways to build your medical career.

You are one of the brightest stars of your educational area, and you fought a long way to get here. Just not selected in the viva does not mean that you are not capable of being that. You need to fight back your depression and be ready for the next battle. Dont forget the famous sportsman quote about how they fight back in “Quotes Of Famous Sportsmen For Times Of Your Apathy.”

You can also request your roll number in the below facebook comments box. We will let you know the result in a reply.

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