7 Android apps that will cure your boredom

Funny android apps
Funny android apps
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When it comes to technology, everything seems so serious. We have a lot of problems in our lives and everybody seems to be in a rush. How about a moment for yourself. A moment where you decide to take a break and have nothing but have a time full of giggles.

Other cruel aspects of our lives are monotony. Doing the same thing over and over again can take its toll. Therefore, we have something very interesting for you in store.

You must have heard a thousand discussions on technology making our lives better or worse. How about using technology just to add a little fun to our lives? Having fun is important, right? Fortunately, there are many Android apps that can give you a quick stress relief.

Humor is an essential part of life, without fun there is no point to anything.

Whether you want apps that are almost unbelievable or just for a bit of a fun here are the best seven Android apps that will cure your boredom.

So get ready, buckle up and let the stress out of your life.


You must be aware of 9GAG the website, but did you know there is an equally good downloadable mobile app? – If you don’t have the app you are missing out on some hilarious memes, GIFs, funny videos and jokes.

The best part about the 9GAG app is its users. Memes and videos are funny but the comments below are absolutely hilarious.

The collective humor model makes 9GAG absolutely irresistible. Almost all of the content is uploaded by users from all over the world. The globally relevant humor will cure your boredom right off.

You can download the app here.

Voice Changer Fun

This is the app Bruce Wayne uses when he becomes Batman – or he would’ve if he weren’t fictional. The Voice Changer Fun lets you record your voice and then lay it over with awesome effects such as alien, robotic, male, female, kid, ghost, bee, chipmunk etc.

Need to say you can have an enormous amount of fun while sharing your “majestic” voice with your friends.

Imagine if something had come out in the pre-CLI era! Just think about the prank calls you could make.

The app is free to download, with some in-app purchases.

Crack My Screen

If you are a fan of harmless practical jokes, then Crack My Screen will crack you up – no pun intended. You can give your mate the scare of his or her life with this beautiful and simplistic app.

Install the app on the friend’s device, tap the icon and it would appear that the phone’s display has cracked. There are a number of cracked screens to choose from. And they look scary real.

Take a minute and imagine your friend has bought a brand new Samsung phone worth $900 and you play this cruel prank on the poor fellow – yep, it will be absolutely unforgettable.

You can download the app here.

PiVi and Co’s apps

PiVi and Co are the developers who have created some outstanding fun apps such as BaldBooth, FatBooth, UglyBooth etc. The main idea is to give your face a funny look. Through these apps you can see how your face will look if you have gained a few pounds or a lot of pounds, or what would you look like if you grew old and bald.

If you are curious, then these apps are for you. However, I would like to add a little disclaimer here. These apps do not reflect the actual scientific graphics of your aging. These are only for fun and games. These apps should not be used for age enhancement purposes.

These apps can be downloaded from here.


Androidify is a deceptively addictive app. Its simple function is to let you redesign the Android bot. You can create the Android bot with your desired shape, even accessories, and clothes. You can use the bot in your mobile phone activities as well as export an image and share it with your friends.

Mind you this will bring out the creative designer in you. Believe me, designing Android bots is more interesting than it seems and also more challenging than it looks.

You can download Anroidify here.


Wakie is an innovative and potentially ingenious idea to make people collaborative and find interesting people to talk you. The app is about talking about a topic of your choosing with a stranger. You can either request placing a call or accept a call after choosing one of many topics you want to choose from.

Apart from fun and stress-relief, Wakie can be really informative. You can potentially learn a lot of new things about various cultures from around the world. Moreover, you can embark upon a friendship that may last for years.

Wakie is a very interesting app and you will have to try it to know it. You can download it here.

Lie Detector

Back to fun and games again. Lie Detector is an app that will confuse your friends to no end. It is a simple harmless little app that randomly deems an answer truth or lie. It lets you set up questions and asks you to put your friend’s thumb on the screen. You can then ask the questions and the app will tell if it is the truth or a lie – randomly.

If you are a cop then you should stay away from this app. We don’t want you to confuse innocent witnesses.

However, if you are not a cop then it is an awesome way to confuse your friends!

Download the Lie Detector app here.


All these apps are free. Most of these apps are from renowned publishers and developers. So it is highly recommended that you try each and everyone one of these apps. Because ask yourself, what do you have to lose; nothing.

Try these, have fun, enjoy and don’t forget to check back for more interesting content.

Author bio: Nuur Hasan is a software developer, web developer and a technical writer with more than seven years of experience. He believes that sharing knowledge can do wonders and that is why he likes to blog. His other interests include politics and sports.

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