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7 New Cool Car Technology Debuts at CES 2018 and No.4 Is from the Unseen

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Will 2018 be the year of Car Technology?

The Consumer Electronics Show 2018 is known as the tech world’s annual blowout preview and the buzz around cool gadgets that existed a decade ago has now gone towards cars. Massive shifts are occurring in the transportation world, and there are lots of carmakers and suppliers to make noise about. There’s electrification to ride-sharing to autonomous driving.

The CES 2018 was the de facto stop on the auto show calendar. There were no significant vehicles released at the 2018 CES; there were lots of breakthrough technologies announced. Let’s have a look at the 8 of the coolest car technologies announced at the 2018 CES show.

Cool Car

Take Alexa Home

Many carmakers offer some way to control your car’s infotainment via voice, and no car maker is left behind. Manufacturers have been turning to Apple (CarPlay), Google (Android Auto), and now Amazon to provide more seamless solutions. Toyota is the latest manufacturer to introduce Amazon’s Alexa cloud-based voice control to some of its vehicles.

Some Toyota and Lexus rides will get the tech, with more coming in 2019. By using Alexa, drivers and passengers will be able to control navigation, select songs and also control their smart home devices from afar.

Nissan Will Read Your Mind

How about cars that can read your mind? Nissan has detailed how the company is developing “B2V’’, or ‘brain to vehicle’ communication. The system takes input from a headband-like device that detects brain wave activity, and can then prep the car for an action you intend to take, such as turning the wheel a fraction of a second faster than you’re able to. Nissan says it could also detect your discomfort during autonomous driving mode and adjust the car’s suspension setup or free driving style on the fly.


Digital Cockpits Will Get Sleeker

The name Samsung might not be on the badge of the cars that we drive, but its technology increasingly might be inside them. The Korean company arrived up at CES to show off the results of its recent acquisition of Harman by showcasing their shared Digital Cockpit platform, which automakers will buy and adapt.

Like many current systems, it pairs a large touchscreen and some tactile controls, but unlike any other system thus far, it can display apps running on its Android OS on four screens. What this points towards: the cockpit of the future will be even more customizable and personalized than you might have thought.


Ford Will See the Unseen

Ford and telecom chipmaker Qualcomm will carry on in their partnership to develop cellular ‘Vehicle to Everything’ (or C2VX) technology. In some ways, C2VX will behave like an X-ray vision for your car. It utilizes a chip in your vehicle that communicates with other cars on the road so that it can receive data from about traffic lights or road signs up. It can also inform you to about an accident or stopped the car.


Your Mercedes will Talk to You

Mercedes-Benz showcased its MBUX interface also known as Mercedes-Benz User Experience that will roll out in its new A-Class compact car. It has a high-resolution widescreen display which can be controlled through touch-screen on the screen, pad or buttons on the steering wheel. Just say ‘Hey Mercedes.’ and it will start working.


The VW AI Microbus

Volkswagen showcased the use of artificial intelligence with its future-fantastic I.D. Buzz microbus. It will use software and hardware from NVIDIA and will recognize your face as you approach the car and unlock the doors, monitor your eyes for alertness as you pilot the car, and utilize deep-learning approaches to improve the car’s autonomous driving skills. It’s due for production in 2022.


5-G Connectivity Based Cars

Denso has presented its 5G-based connectivity resources which can be essential to establish seamlessly connected car networks, and how that will be key for autonomous vehicles to perform smoothly.

Check the 7 New Cool Car Technology Debuts at CES 2018 Infographic

7 New Cool Car Technology Debuts at CES 2018

This blog post has been written by William; he has been in the car industry for years. He currently works for German Car Tech UK who specializes in German car engines supply and fit service in the UK.

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