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Top 5 Android Gaming Applications

Gaming has been quite popular these days, and there is a new selection of games and applications that have appeared in the Play Store during the last days. As always, our editors and members of our community have collaborated to create this list. We hope you like it! This is a compilation of 5 applications

5 Apps Every Student’s Android Phone Should Have

Are you a student? If yes, then most certainly you are having some tough time to manage your daily schedules. For example, you might find difficulty in planning your homework, preparing your assignments, setting up goals, making a budget of your money and much more issues of your student life. Honestly speaking you are not

Best Camera App For Android Phone 2018

Are you looking for some best camera app for your Android mobile phone? Then, this is the right place. In the past years, people don’t largely depend on smartphone cameras. But, the time has changed now. Now, most of the people are the Android user, and they mostly depend on their Android mobile phone camera