How Courier and Parcel Delivery Software is changing the e-commerce?


The on-demand logistics concept involves adopted processes to ensure goods delivery is according to the buyer’s requirements. Fortunately, it brings a lot of challenges to overcome depending on the location, culture, and behavior of online customers. In this tech-savvy world, a tremendous on-demand courier delivery experience is a center for every eCommerce business.

Online customers want to receive their parcels as soon as possible. Parcel delivery has become a significant market, leveraging many aspects of eCommerce. Research shows that 37% of online customers suffer poor delivery experience and never shop again on the same website. The concept of courier and parcel delivery software addresses the daily challenges for online businesses and helps them to stay competitive in the market.


Versatile Deliveries options with last-mile delivery app

The online shopping experience is direct to the quality of the delivery service that the seller offered. Customers found it stressful to wait for their products and not receiving them on their preferred time. They should be sure about the estimated delivery time. The on-demand courier delivery software appears to be a crucial step for the success of the online business.

Nowadays, customers have no time to waste, their schedules are full, and they want the delivery services to adapt them. Research shows that 23% of online shoppers are ready to pay extra money for receiving their parcel on their preferred time. The online businesses, especially the startups, can retain their online customers by providing prompt and excellent delivery service with the last mile delivery software.

On-demand delivery

The delivery jobs are not always easy, as 20% of shipments fail on the first attempt when the recipient is unavailable at home. Besides, the delivery service has to be postponed if the parcel does not fit the mailbox size. Thanks to the on-demand parcel delivery software, the online business will be able to let the customers choose the exact day delivery or any day delivery they want are available and want to receive their parcel.

Pick up points

Online businesses tend to provide more options to facilitate their buyers. They are adopting more and more pick up points based on their buyers. It allows their customers to retrieve their parcels whenever they want with no hour’s restrictions. The pickup points can be convenience stores, subways, train stations, and so on.

Same day delivery

According to statistics, around $100 million of products shipped every day across the US, where the same day delivery option is available. The online shopping interest is growing fast, and the study shows that almost half of the US online buyers would be willing to expect same-day delivery. Besides, 25% of online buyers indicate that they would abandon their cart if same-day delivery option is unavailable in their area.

Benefits of on-demand courier software

In all the above instances, the professional on-demand courier and parcel delivery software can provide the eCommerce business with a cost-effective and highly efficient method of securing their network of loyal customers. The parcel delivery software enables the eCommerce business to promise its customers lower shipping rates, rapid delivery times without hindering their profit margins.

  • Improved customer experience

Fast delivery, flexible choices of delivery, real-time updates, and delivery tracking are some of the best features for the customers. Undoubtedly, these features enhance the customer experience and pleased customers sure to repurchase the products.

  • Proof of delivery

It is an automated mode of receipt that you will have to deliver the products. Thus, it can be served as a proof that you have provided the goods to the right customers at the defined time at the stated location. The customers will not be able to claim the mis-delivery of products.

  • Real-time or estimated time of arrival

The real-time delivery tracking system enables the customers to know the estimated time of receiving their parcel. It helps them to remain prepared for the delivery, and they will be available at the location to accept the delivery. The real-time updates help the customers to keep in touch with the delivery process all the time.

  • Optimizing everything from the dashboard

You can track every delivery from one single panel — it facilities you to track everything right from transportation, to fuel consumption rate. You can even automate the process and a lot the delivery to the nearest possible available person.

  • Dynamic re-routing

The last-mile delivery app helps you to consider different route parameters like traffic, weather, festivals, and time preferences of the customers. The best route planning software helps you to change the routes if you are getting a higher cost of mileage rates.

  • Effective communication

With the last-mile delivery app, the customers can easily connect with the delivery person. They can continuously engage in the delivery process, and thus, it improves customer relationships.

Last-mile delivery app case study: Amazon Prime Now

You will have no idea, but the e-commerce giant was struggling to manage significant shipping expenses. Many Amazon was unable to execute on-time delivery due to its massive volume of sales. Then it decided to take over its delivery process with a bolder move by investing in a fleet of delivery trucks and its very own air cargos fleet to efficiently delivery orders in time.

It is a bigger initiate of being responsible for their delivery process, which ultimately decreased its shipping costs. The promise of the new Amazon Prime Now service, specially designed for the same-day delivery, relies on a perfect implementation of the ecommerce on-demand delivery app.

With the introduction of Amazon Prime Now, the delivery needs to be quick and satisfied for the customers, prompting them to do more shopping. It not only using its transportation but currently experimenting with hiring individual drivers to deliver its packages. That’s beyond traditional carriers.

So, Amazon has successfully managed its shipping costs along with retaining the buyer’s interest. All they did was successful only after implementing a last-mile delivery app, which not only enhances productivity but also meets buyers’ expectations.

Features of last-mile delivery app

The recent mile delivery logistics revolution has begun and to stay competitive. You need to adopt the smartest technology. To compete with stiff competition, you need to has these features in the ecommerce delivery software.

  1. The last-mile delivery app must ensure tracking of on-time or late-deliveries.
  2. It must track the fuel consumption rates depending on the preference of the company.
  3. The transportation management system should display the planned and actual mileage per hour. The actual distance can be calculated per vehicle, driver, and routes. Higher mileage rates mean your route planning has problems, and you need to make changes in the directions.
  4. It should have a feature to display drive hours in-motion and stationery to indicate the performance of the drivers.
  5. The app should also calculate cost per mile, cost per item, and cost per vehicle.
  6. It should track the number of stops per vehicle as it affects the fuel and route optimization practices.
  7. It should have the facilities to let customers add their experience and reviews. This will further help to improve the process and smoothen it.
  8. The app should calculate the order accuracy by comparing the known inaccuracies of the order against various shipped orders.

Find the right last-mile delivery app company

When it comes to eCommerce, the overall challenge is to offer your buyers a premium experience with personalized delivery services, depending on their preferences. This is why you need to partner with a last-mile delivery app development company. Therefore, if you are an eCommerce startup or have a successful online store, there are many reasons to invest in the last-mile delivery app.

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