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5 Study Apps to Help Students Study Better and Learn Faster

By | 27 May, 2018

Nothing makes a parent more proud than seeing their children succeed in their exams. As much as teachers and lecturers have their part to play in the success of students, so do parents. They need to keep their kids on toes especially during the holidays. It even gets more crucial during the examination periods. Get… Read More »

10 Killer Tips to Impress Men on the First Date

By | 22 January, 2018

The first date is always an intense feeling for any women. Today we come with some great ideas which men ever want on the first date. Read them carefully and try to perform according to this article. Surely this will give you some clear idea about what man wants on the first date and undoubtedly… Read More »

10 Tips for increasing the Motivation of Students in the Classroom

By | 18 January, 2018

Motivation plays a significant role in our achievements in all spheres of life, including studies and career achievements. As psychologists say, motivation is a crucial element in setting and meeting our objectives. If we have a desire, we can move mountains. But if not, if apathy seizes us, no tangible achievements can be expected. When… Read More »

The Evolution of Digital Comics

By | 8 November, 2017

Cartoons in newspapers started way back in the mid-1700. Since then, a lot of people have become obsessed with cartoons and comics. In the early 1900’s, the first animation was created and eventually, we have enjoyed comics in various ways. The Evolution of Digital Comics Seeing the evolution of comics over the years is amazing.… Read More »

Significance of 17 September – Education Day and Reality

By | 17 September, 2017

‘Education is not a privilege, education is not commercialization, education is for all, the responsibility of the state to educate people, education is not for any particular group’ – Bangladesh’s conscious student community of Bangladesh was vocal since the East Pakistan period, in the struggle for the right to education. From the time there has… Read More »