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Crack CA with the Best Coaching in Delhi

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To become a CA, an individual has to complete the Chartered Accountancy course, which is very popular among the population of India. Yet, the selection of the right institute to assist you in this very difficult task will determine a lot. A large number of institutes here in Delhi, the capital city of India are offering CA courses; however, few institutes are preferable to the others. Here, the list of the five leading institutes for CA and information about them will be presented about their repute, faculty, infrastructural facilities, and pass percentage.

1. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI)

The professional, strategic body that oversees the management of CA’s in India is the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, or ICAI for short. Though ICAI doesn’t provide CA courses, it has formed several regional councils and branches in different states of India, including Delhi. Both the DRG and its branches assist, inform, and fund budding CAs at every stage of their progress.

They set and administer the CA examinations, and they also make sure that the students are taking the right syllabuses that will prepare them for the real world. In essence, by joining an institute affiliated with ICAI, students can leverage the institute’s resources, such as study materials, mock examinations, and others.

2. Revision Test Series (RTS)

On this page, we have provided the foundation of knowledge that you would require to become a CA and clarify your confusion regarding which institute is the best for CA preparation in Delhi then the answer is undoubtedly RTS – Revision Test Series. RTS was started in 1997 and it can be noted that the institute has been delivering excellent performance through most of its students making it to the best rank in the CA examinations.

It is an open secret that RTS is one of the most constructive, strictly program-oriented, and methodical in its CA education vendors. It provides highly structured and well-thought-out study aids, daily/weekly tests, and individual counseling to make sure the students understand fully. Due to its growth, RTS is staffed with highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty trained in giving quality education.

The institute features high-standard infrastructural facilities ranging from well-furnished classrooms, and much more that help to nurture the students.

3. Dhanraj Agarwal Institute of Management

Dhanraj Agarwal Institute of Management also commonly known as DAIM is one of the most prominent names in Delhi when it comes to CA coaching. This institute, DAIM, was set up in 1995 and has delivered many successful examples of the CA course.

DAIM’s strength is that it offers a wide range of courses in different areas that are required for achieving competitive advantage, with equal value for both theoretical and practical knowledge along with a focus on the cases. The institute also has a qualitative student-faculty ratio with its faculty members including practicing professionals.

The types of courses that a candidate can take at DAIM include the CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA Final courses but also specialized courses such as GST Classes, International Taxation Classes, and Forensic Accounting Classes. The use of the conventional lecturing method used in the institute as well as to use of technological means of passing knowledge in the classroom makes it easy to disseminate the knowledge accurately to the students.

4. Vision Classes

Established in 1990, Vision Classes is one of the premier and reputed institutes for preparing candidates for CA in Delhi that incorporates a modern pedagogy and student-centric approach to teaching. The institute was established in 2001 and has come to be associated with contributing impressive performances and developing the finest CA specialists.

The first impressive feature of Vision Classes is the presence of faculty members who were specialized CAs and Industry experts. It implies real-life practice exposure and real-life case analysis, in which all the skills and knowledge required for the CA profession are learned by the students of the institute.

Courses offered at Vision Classes are the Common Proficiency Test or CA Foundation Course, the Inter, and the Final and there are also sectional courses like Goods and Service Tax, International Taxation, and Corporate Laws. The facilities at the institute are first-rate rate with the modern amenities on the premises providing a congenial atmosphere for learning.

5. Sadhana Academy

Sadhana Academy for CA course is a leading institute in Delhi that aims especially to deliver excellent output and focus on each CA aspirant carefully. The academy was started in 2006, and based on the performance of students in CA examinations, the institute has given excellent results consistently.

A mentionable fact of Sadhana Academy is that the teachers are highly qualified and experienced so there is no compromise in the faculty to enhance the students’ understanding. The course structure of the institute incorporates every aspect of the CA course and focuses on the practical implementation of theories and concepts supported by case studies.

The Sweta Agarwalla Academy For CA brings its students various courses namely the CA Foundation Course, CA Intermediate Course, CA Final Course, the CA Final Law Course, the GST Course, the International Taxation Course, the Company Law Course, and more. Adequate and modern facilities developed in the infrastructure of Sadhana Academy facilitate the students to study in an environment-friendly manner.

CA Course Duration

The CA course duration in India is divided into three levels: Categories of CA include CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA Final. The time spent in each level differs, and the course of the CA can last from 4 to 6 years if a student is not very fast and efficient.

CA Foundation: Generally, CA Foundation exams take about 6-8 months for the preparation and the course also will take the same time. The Foundation examination is conducted twice a year, in May and November.

CA Intermediate

Thus, the students can register for the CA Intermediate course after passing the CA Foundation. The time it takes to complete the Intermediate course is usually 1 to 1 and it depends on the institute offering the course. 5 years in total with preparation time. The Intermediation examination is also taken twice in the year in May and November.

CA Final

After passing the CA Intermediate examination, students can move to the next level of CA Final. The CA Final course usually takes 1 to 1 year to complete, depending on the course type, course medium, and teaching method. Five years in total, although preparatory work is already being done. The final examination is administered on two occasions in a year, in May and November.

However, it is also crucial to understand that the CA course usually may take longer due to some reasons ranging from the commitment level of the candidate, their learning behaviors, and some strategies applied by teaching institutions. Some students may be able to finish the course in the minimum time possible while others may take longer as a result of other engagements such as jobs.


A student must know the CA environment and course complexity before choosing an institute for CA courses. These institutes have always proven their competency via quality education, good results, and student nurturing of outstanding CA professionals.

When picking an institute, consider its reputation, faculties, infrastructure, teaching style, and track record. To get the greatest results, individual preferences and learning styles must be synchronized with the institute’s system.

Thus, success in the CA course requires hard effort and determination, regardless of institute. If you pick the proper road and acquire guidance early in your career as a Chartered Accountant, you will inspire hundreds of young CAs who have yet to join the workforce.

What are the CA course admission requirements?

CA applicants must have passed 10+2 or equivalent from a recognized board or university with 50% aggregate marks.

Can CA courses be taken online?

Sadly, the CA course is not online or distance learning. Regular classes and practical training in an ICAI-recognized institute are required.

How do I pick the best CA school?

Consider the CA institute’s reputation, teacher qualifications, facilities, teaching methods, pass rate, and student comments before choosing a school. Also, make sure your school fits your learning style and budget.

Does the CA course require coaching?

Joining CA coaching programs at a reputable institute is optional but recommended. Coaching institutes offer a schedule, sample tests, qualified trainers, and a specialized learning system.

Can one work while taking this course?

You can work and study, but it’s better to focus on CA, especially while taking your course. Combining employment and study might be difficult and affect CA test results.

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