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There is a cut-throat competition amongst businesses in this digital era. Every business person today has a website of their own, and the peculiar thing is that they are looking for ways to continually search for new ways to stay on top of their competition. In the digital world, businesses today need to become smarter by providing seamless digital experience while using their applications, irrespective of their choice of a mobile device or an OS. This makes it all the more critical for businesses to opt for the right mobile technologies. In recent years, React Native and Xamarin have become essential for app development, however, Google’s Flutter has been taking giant steps forward without making much noise. So, what exactly is Flutter, and why has it become quite popular in the software world? Let’s try to find out the answer. Flutter is an open-source mobile application development framework that assists…

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Python is one of the most popular types of web hosting services available, and innumerable sites and servers use the system. However, for those who are just beginning to set up a site, either for them or for a small business, the term can mean very little. It is synonymous with a hypertext processor, but that does not mean much to the average person. What are the different advantages that make it so popular? Is it something you should be using? One of the first advantages you will find is that it is easily adaptable, and you can use it on a variety of web hosting platforms. You will find that it works on a Windows hosting platform as easily as it does on a Linux hosting platform. This compatibility with so many platforms means that it is adaptable, something that cannot be said about all other scripting languages. Another…

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Despite its relatively short history of existence, the C languages ​​gained immense popularity and became the basis for most of the currently known programs. C ++ is used to create operating systems, unique applications for embedded systems, apps, device drivers and high-performance servers, as well as games. Many implementations of the C ++ language, both free and commercial, have been created for platforms such as Visual C ++, Intel C ++ Compiler. C ++ language influenced other languages for programming, like Java and C #. Initially, the C ++ syntax was taken from C. One of the principles of its creation was maintaining compatibility with C. People who choose the C developer profession are in demand on the modern market. How to become a C ++ developer with a minimum investment of money? Competencies of C++ Developer C ++ programmer develops operating systems, games, programs, so if you need the…

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Programmers are the professionals that find ways of automating duties into a single application. They are also actively engaged in the creation of websites and user interfaces. Most people love to use software applications but are afraid of pursuing a career in computer programing. This is because they perceive it to be a complicated course. Technology has made it easy for people to learn how to code. You can learn from the comfort of your home or opt to enroll in some college in your area. What most potential learners tend to overlook are the benefits of becoming a programmer. Coders live a more meaningful life and are sharp thinkers. This is just a tip of the iceberg. Continue reading below to know more about the advantages of being a coder. Establish a thriving Career Programmers are among the most sought-after experts. This means that it’s much easier for a…

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If you search on the internet then you will get that there are more than 500 different programming languages. And it is not so easy to identify which one is the best programming language. There are lots of ways to rank programming languages. Here is the list of the most popular programming languages in 2018 based on the research data of May 2018. 1. JAVA Java is the most popular, general purpose, high level, object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. 15 billion devices run by java and around 10 million Java developer have worldwide. It is used to develop all kinds of Android apps, desktop apps, web based software and games. 2. C C It has always been one of the most popular programming languages.It”s a structure oriented programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 at Bell Laboratories for use in UNIX operating system. It”s Reliable Portable, Flexible,…

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Java From Scratch

If you want to learn Java from scratch with elementary instruction you can follow this article. We are providing a coupon for udemy course for Java for the beginners. Get the coupon and start learning Java from scratch from udemy. Java From Scratch (Free Udemy Course) Requirements A compiler for writing code – Although if you don’t have it. At the beginning of the course, you will be showed how to get it and get your computer ready for coding. Description This course will guide you from the absolute beginning of getting your computer ready for Java programming to creating your programs and thinking like a programmer. Most importantly the course was created with a strong emphasis on giving good solid foundations, I believe that by understanding the logic, students will acquire the right tools from the start, and that will also allow them to further enrich their knowledge. For students entering the world of programming, or for anyone who would find an extra detailed natural…

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There are many sites through which you can practice and develop your skill in programming. But as per my view, I find these sites more helpful. Now I am going to share it with you. 1.HACKER  RANK Hacker rank is one of the best that I have seen. It has a pretty good looking with very good problems.  There is a lot of exercises in different categories – Algorithms, Java, C++ Functional Programming, Databases, etc. This web application offers you to solve the programming challenges and get hired by top companies like Zenefits, Quora and some other reputed company. 2. Topcoder It”s one of the best site for practice programming and earns money from programming. It’s one of the oldest contests sites.but it will be quite difficult for you if you are in beginner level. 3. CODER BYTE it”s the best website for practice and learn programming I ever seen. Here you will get the easy, medium and high challenge. And by practice this you can prepare yourself for new upcoming job…

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#include <stdio.h> int main() {     double n1, n2, n3;     printf(“Enter three numbers: “);     scanf(“%lf %lf %lf”, &n1, &n2, &n3);     if( n1>=n2 && n1>=n3)         printf(“%.2lf is the largest number.”, n1);     else if (n2>=n1 && n2>=n3)         printf(“%.2lf is the largest number.”, n2);     else         printf(“%.2lf is the largest number.”, n3);     return 0; }

#include <stdio.h> int main() { int n; printf(“Enter an integer: “); scanf(“%d”, &n); // Number will be even if the number is perfectly divisible by 2 if(number % 2 == 0) printf(“%d is even number.”,n); else printf(“%d is odd Number.”,n); return 0; }