The Ultimate Review: Edifier W820NB

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Hello, I am Riasad Moin. Today I will talk about a fantastic product which I recently bought. The product I am talking about is the Edifier W820NB headphone. You can say it’s a budget headphone if you want, but I think it’s the best product I have ever bought.

The Design

Overall, the ergonomic design has an adjustable headband extending up to ½ inches. The flexible and cushioned headband promotes long-lasting comfort, and the lightweight will ensure you will not feel tired after extended listening.

The built quality

The headphone itself is pretty lightweight, but I wouldn’t say it is built out of poor quality and excellent quality because it feels pretty sturdy to me, and you have to take care of it and ensure it doesn’t fall on a rough surface.

The Features

The Settings/Modes:

Its one-touch control allows you to cycle through three different modes.

1) Active noise cancellation– The (ANC) or active noise cancellation is probably the best feature for these headphones. This can reduce the sound to 38dB, so you can work without hearing annoying background noises.

2) Ambient Mode– The W820NB headphones are built with a significant dynamic diaphragm driver and produce crystal clear sound rich in details. Switch to ambient mode and stay alert to your surroundings while listening to your music. Hear airport announcements or important notifications without taking your headphones off.

3) Gaming Mode– You can have smooth, natural conversations with the W820NB headphones because they contain voice call NC technology. The music and visuals are perfectly synced when in Game Mode, with latency as low as 80ms.

In build microphone:

Unlike earbuds, there may be a step closer to the mouth to pick up the audio, but these headphones here will be a little bit different, but hopefully, they still work out okay.



It supports Bluetooth 5.0, and when you switch to gaming mode, it also gives you low latency, so you can now listen to your music and play your games peacefully.


It can be charged and connected through a USB-C cable.

Battery Life:

Consider looking into the edifier W820nb if you’re searching for reliable wireless headphones. Because of their extended battery life, you may spend hours listening to your favorite music, podcasts, or phone calls with these headphones. With noise cancellation off, you can listen for up to 80 hours, and with it on, for up to 50 hours. Additionally, you can extend the battery life by 25 hours by plugging them in for 15 minutes if you ever need a quick boost. How fantastic is that?

Sound quality:

Now, after exploring the exterior, let’s discuss the sound quality. What stands out with this unit is the Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation tech. It has a deep neural network that has noise reduction algorithms. So, with that, your work can be more focused. And I feel the difference immediately after putting on the headphones with Active Noise Cancellation turned on. Little things like fan noises from an actual fan and the computer are drowned out instantly as the ANC kicks in. It has a 40mm dynamic driver with a composite partition, so it’s significant and provides crystal-clear sounds.

Can you use it for gaming?

The answer is up to you because it depends on how much you value the audio experience and what games you prefer.

For casual games that do not require precise sound positioning or low latency, the Edifier W820NB can be a good choice. It can block out ambient noise and let you enjoy the game’s soundtrack and effects. However, for competitive games that rely on fast and accurate audio cues, the Edifier W820NB may not be the best option. Finding opponents or other players may become more complicated if the noise-canceling feature tampers with the soundstage and imaging. Additionally, a delay may be introduced by the Bluetooth connection between the headphones and the game, which could impair your performance and reaction time.

Therefore, the Edifier W820NB is a decent headphone for gaming, but only for certain types of games. You might want to look at different headphones made especially for gaming if you’re searching for a more responsive and engaging audio experience.

Edifier app

active noise cancellation, ambient mode, and gaming mode. These can also be toggled and configured through the Edifier Connect app, which you download from the Play Store. I’m happy to say that pairing the headphones with the application is pretty easy. Because when it comes to third-party software, Apple doesn’t make it easy.


The price can start from 50$ to 80$ or 6000৳-9000৳. You can buy it from, but I prefer to order it from Facebook. Gadget Monkey BD | Dhaka | Facebook. The headphones are sold out quickly, and you must be quick when they restock.


The headphone itself has three variants: grey, black, and white.

My opinion

In my mind, it’s one of the best budget headphones, because of its features, comforts, Price, and the (ANC). There is a lot of noise in my house, and it’s tough to work there. But after I bought these headphones, this solved all my problems. The multifunction of these headphones is marvelous. I can use it for working, gaming, and studying. I can connect it to my PC using USB-C, and later on, while looking, I like to listen to songs, so I can unplug the USB-C, connect to Bluetooth, and hear songs freely anywhere in my room. I would rate these headphones 9.2/10.

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