How to Clean Up Macbook? Easiest way to Speed Up your Mac

Cleanup Mac
Cleanup Mac
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Cleaning up your Mac is an important job. This is because for you to have a great experience in using your device. Cleaning your Mac will speed up the performance of your Mac. Doing this will also help you to have some more storage space. This space will allow you to install more apps on your Mac that you need or you will be able to save more files.

Here, in this article, we are going to show you two ways with how you can clean up your Mac. Continue reading this and find the method that will best suit you.

How to Clean Up Macbook

Mac Junk Files Clean

Part 1: How to Cleanup Mac – The Fastest Way!

If you do not want to spend more time and effort in cleaning up your Mac manually, then here is a better option for you. By using the iMyMac Cleaner, it will only take you a few minutes for you to clean up your Mac without exerting more effort.

The imyMac-Cleaner can also help you speed up your mac and give you more of your storage space. Aside from that, it can also help you locate and then remove all of your unneeded email attachments, iTunes backup and all the multi-languages on your Mac that you do not use. This program will also help you remove all of your junk files.

Here is a guide for you with how you can clean up your Mac. This is the fastest and easiest way to do the job.

Step 1: Download and Install

Have the iMyMac Cleaner downloaded from our official website at Once that you have successfully downloaded the program, go ahead and install it on your Mac.

Download Link

Step 2: Open iMyMac Cleaner

Launch the iMyMac-Cleaner on your Mac once the installation process is complete. On the main screen of the program, you will be able to see where your Mac’s system status.

Step 3: Choose the Module

iMyMac Junk File Cleaner

Now, for you to clean up your Mac, go ahead and choose the Junk File module on the left side of your screen.

Step 3: Scan Your Junk File

Junk Files Clean of Mac PC

After choosing the Junk File module, go ahead and click on the Scan button. The iMyMac Cleaner will then start scanning all of the junk files that you have on your Mac. Once that the scanning process is complete, the iMyMac Cleaner will then show you all of your junk files.

Step 4: Review and then Choose the Items to Clean Up

The iMyMac Cleaner will also be able to show you all of your junk files in categories like Application Cache, Photo Junks, System Logs, System Cache, Mail Junks, and more. This way, you will be able to choose and review your items easily.

Select the category, and the details of the selected category will be shown on the right side of your screen. From there, you will be able to choose the data. Once the data has been chosen, just go ahead and click on the Clean button.

The iMyMac will then ask you if you want to continue. If you, just go ahead and click on the Confirm button.

Confirm iMac Clean

Note: For other Clutter and Large and Old Files that you want to clean up as well, you can repeat steps 2 until step 4.

Step 5: Cleaning Complete

Once that the cleanup time is done, all those unneeded files that you have on your Mac that you selected will all be gone.

Most of those files will have an indication that says “Zero KB”. However, there are some files that do not have this kind of indication. This is because there are some files which auto recreated folders are.


Part 2: Steps to Mac Cleanup

If you are experiencing that your Mac is almost out of storage space or it just starts running slow, then here are the things that you can do.


Clean Up Your Mac’s Desktop

Many users would think that the desktop on their Mac is the right place to store your files and docomeents. However, little did they know that this is a mistake. Never worry because you can still fix this. So, in this situation, you must start cleaning up your desktop before you proceed in getting deeper with the cleaning process.

Control Your Startups and Login Items

Once that your Mac boots up, it will also open several startup items. Some of these items are the ones that you use, but most of them are not which you can switch off safely.

For you to be able to remove items on your startup, just go ahead and do the following.

  1. Go to System Preference
  2. Then go to Users and Groups then click on your username.
  3. Then, click on the Login Items
  4. Then choose all the apps that you do not want on your startup.
  5. After that, click on the “-“ button once you are done.

Part 3: Conclusion

Now, as you can see, there are some other ways for you to clean up your Mac. However, the best recommendation that we can give you is by using the iMyMac Cleaner. This is because the program is really easy to use. It can also help you clean up your Mac quickly without spending too much time and effort.

The iMyMac Cleaner can also remove not just only your Junk files on your Mac but as well as your Old and Large Files, can fix your Cluttered mac, and it can also remove unnecessary files on your Mac. With the help of the iMyMac Cleaner, you will be able to save some more space in your hard drive, and it will also speed up your Mac’s performance.

Using the manual way is just fine. That is if you want to consume all your time only by cleaning up your Mac. With the iMyMac Cleaner, it can make your life easier and better using your Mac. Have this installed on your Mac and regularly clean it for you to have a better experience.

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