SSC Result of Bangladesh 2024

SSC Result 2024
SSC Result 2024
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The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam is a critical milestone in Bangladesh’s education system that indicates the complete completion of secondary education. It is a national public exam conducted by the Ministry of Education’s Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education to students in their tenth-grade year. Secondary education is completed by SSC examination. The SSC exam assesses knowledge gained throughout grades 9 and 10, frequently covering the same curriculum.

This exam is extremely important since it provides access to higher education options. Passing the SSC exam is required for enrollment in colleges and universities, which shapes a student’s academic path. The SSC exam is the success of ten years of a student. With the 2024 SSC results approaching, a distinct sense of expectancy permeates the air. Students, parents, and educators are all eagerly awaiting the results, which will influence college admissions and potential career possibilities.

SSC Result 2024 Publish Date

There is a straightforward process for the Bangladeshi SSC test. Students usually sign up through their schools and take written tests on a variety of topics that are related to the curriculum for grades 9 and 10. Students are very excited for this day. There are both objective and subjective questions on the exam.

Thus, you can check how well you remember, have learned, and think critically. Students become emotional during SSC results. The results of the SSC and other exams will officially be published on May 12. This news came from a press statement from the Ministry of Education last Friday. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the results release program at Ganobhaban at 10 am and will hand over the result information to her. The SSC results are significant for the kids. Intelligent students can get into top schools and universities and study what they want when they get good grades.

SSC result

On the other hand, lower results mean that you need to take a different route, like technical or vocational training. Finally, the SSC results are significant for determining a student’s academic path and future job possibilities. Students and guardians await their desired results for SSC 2024.

SSC Result 2024 Bangladesh

The 2024 SSC results are part of a bigger picture made up of past events and possible future changes. Trends from past years can help us understand what’s going on now. The education system of Bangladesh is upgrading day by day. SSC results are based on the grading system. Pass rates and average scores serve as a standard.

Looking at the subject skills of past top students may help future students figure out how to study. However, there are some changes to the 2024 SSC test. The SSC 2024 results will be published on 12th May. Parents and teachers may expect the same pass rates or even better results if they think the teaching methods are working. Students may have worries or hopes about how well they are doing. SSC results will be published on their official website,

How to check SSC Result 2024?

On their official website, the SSC result 2024 will be published. However, based on the press meeting, the SSC results for 2024 will come out on Sunday, May 12th. Students can check SSC result scores on the official website, after the results publishing. To see their score, they have to enter their roll number and membership number. After the release, various news outlets and educational platforms might publish toppers’ lists and subject-wise performance analyses, offering insights into student performance across the country. You will find after the SSC results in 2024. These resources can be valuable for understanding overall trends and for future test-takers to gauge their preparation strategies. For getting SSC or equivalent results, follow us.

Education Board Result for SSC 2024

The SSC 2024 result will be published on their official website. The Ministry of Education provides Intermediate and Secondary Education results on the education board website. On this official website, students can find the results of all board examinations. Students must fill out the roll and registration form to check their results. Now follow the steps below to check your results,

  • Go to the website
  • Then select and fill up sequentially : Select “SSC/Dakhil” (If you are from general or madrasa board) 

Select “SSC(Vocational)” (If you are from technical board)

  • Select the year 2024
  • Select your board
  • Enter your SSC exam roll number
  • Enter your SSC exam registration number
  • Enter the sum of two numbers in the next box
  • Press the submit option

After submitting the responses, you will get your SSC board result.

Check Web Based Result

The SSC result 2024 will also be provided on the website. Education Board of Bangladesh offers results through a web-based result publication system. All board exam results are provided on this website. To get the result, students have to fill in their roll and registration carefully. Let’s follow the steps for the result,

  • Visit the website link
  • Select your exam :  Select “SSC/Dakhil” (If you are from general or madrasa board) 

Select “SSC(Vocational)” (If you are from technical board)

  • Select the year 2024
  • Select your board of education
  • Select the type of result
  • Enter your roll
  • Enter your registration
  • Enter the digits that showing in the box
  • Press the button “See Results”

After submitting the form, you will see your SSC result. According to the result type that you select, you can see your individual or board-wise exam results.

Result by SMS

Students can immediately check their results using the SMS option. The Education Board of Bangladesh operates a system that allows students with an internet connection to check their results quickly. Students can check their results by sending an SMS in one click. From anywhere, they can check their results. All board results will be shown after publishing the SSC board results. Let’s follow the steps on your mobile,

  • Go to the SMS option on your mobile
  • Open a new chat option
  • Write – SSC <space> 1 to 3 letter of Board Name <space> Your Roll <space> 2024
  • Send to 16222

Follow the steps and the SMS to 16222. Then you get the result within a few seconds. For example, SSC DHA 564256 2024. Then send it in 16222


The SSC exam is significant for Bangladeshi students because it determines their future jobs and academic paths. It is time to succeed in life. The 2024 SSC results, awaited for weeks, will be significant for students, parents, and teachers. These results will affect who gets into college and who decides to go to school for more education or job training. Students are so excited about the result time. The results of the 2024 election could also lead to changes in how schools work. Past trends and student success help shape future curriculum changes. In the end, the SSC results release is a significant event in Bangladeshi school life that will have a long-lasting effect on individual students and the country’s education system. I am so proud of Bangladesh Education.

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