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12 Strand DNA
12 Strand DNA
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Hey there, people who love history! Prepare to be amazed as you delve into the deepest parts of our cosmic past. Today, I’m going to talk about the real history of humans and the amazing story of our solar system. Hold on tight, and let’s look into the great story of what happened.

Before we start, I want to give Asyana Dean a huge thank you for all the hard work she put into finding this hidden past. The truth will set us free, so let’s shine a light on it.

Earth was called Tara about 560 million years

Think about this: Earth was called Tara about 560 million years ago, and it was a green paradise that thrived in the fifth dimension. For real, that was a very different kind of history lesson, didn’t you think? Tara was the place to be, where people from many alien races came together to create a master race of beings that would protect this perfect world.

ET races

Humans Made of 12 Strand DNA Package

We were made as a top-notch master race with a 12-strand DNA package, ready for ascension and cosmic greatness. Forget the whole “we evolved from apes” thing. But things changed when DNA from other ET cultures started mixing with ours. This caused mutations and steered us away from our divine blueprint.

12 Strand DNA

Alanyans and the Lumians

The Alanyans and the Lumians are the next two groups we have to deal with. They were all about power and dominance, the Alanyans. The Lumians, on the other hand, were more calm and caring. Let the classic story of power battles and greed begin. It’s like a mix of dramas from the past and the present.


In about 552 million years ago, the Templar Solar Initiates showed up. They brought a lot of greed and a desire to be in charge with them. When buried grid technologies are turned on, things get hot. This sets off a terrible chain reaction that makes Tara lose control.

Power source crystals of Earth go off

Boom! As soon as the power source crystals go off, the planetary grids break down, and Tara is on her way to the third dimension. What a big turn of events, right?


So now we’re falling from the fifth dimension to the third, and our world is broken into 12 pieces that are orbiting a new sun, which is our sun. Yes, everyone, welcome to our solar system. These days, the planets brag about the damage they got in that big fall from long ago.

DNA Mutations

But hey, things aren’t all bad. We still have a chance to make things right. Increasing our frequency and reawakening our dormant DNA potential is the key to getting back to where we belong in the fifth dimension. To get in touch with our soul’s true core, we need to use the power of sound, light, and symbols.

Maldek Planet

Ascension to 5th Dimension

Also, guess what? Earth is also on board. We’re all deeply linked to her by a silver cord that goes through her heart. By working together to send our energies to high-frequency grid points, we can speed up Earth’s ascension and make it possible for everyone to move into 5D awareness.

Folks, that’s it! The real story of how humanity fell and how we’re trying to get back on track. What a crazy ride through the ages! But hey, that’s how things work in the world of old history. All living things deserve love, light, peace, and the truth. Let’s make history together, one frequency at a time.

Okay, everyone, let’s keep going on this cosmic adventure! We’ve only begun to scratch the top of our ancient history. There are still many more interesting facts to find. Here we go with the next part of our amazing story. Get your cosmic popcorn ready.

Where were we before? Yes, we have just begun our trip through the chaos that followed Tara’s terrible fall. As the dust settles and the space junk falls into place, our once-glorious world is born again as a broken shadow of what it used to be.

Powerful Taran races taken shelter underground

Do not worry, though, because there is a glimmer of hope in the middle of the chaos. So, hidden in the broken pieces of Tara are groups of survivors—remains of the once-powerful Taran races who have taken shelter underground. People are huddled together in the depths of the earth, holding on to a flickering flame of hope in the middle of the darkness. It looks like something from a sci-fi epic.

On the surface, the pieces of Tara that have survived are starting to come together to form what we know as our solar system. From Mercury to Pluto (and even Nibiru, if you’re into that kind of thing), these heavenly bodies show the marks of Tara’s fall. Each one shows how life can survive in the face of cosmic hardship.


Higher Frequency is the key to solve cosmic puzzle

There’s more, though! Remember how those annoying Templar Solar Initiates used a lot of power? Well, they’re still hiding in the dark, and Tara’s death hasn’t stopped their desire to rule. As the dust settles, they start to show off their newfound strength by weaving their power through the broken pieces of our once-great society.

Mass Meditation

But in the middle of the chaos, a beam of light shines through. See, the key to our redemption is buried deep in our collective awareness. It’s in our dormant DNA potential, just waiting to be woken up. It’s like finding the last piece of a cosmic puzzle. It’s a guide to becoming our true selves and rising to higher levels of existence.

How to use hidden power

You may ask, “How do we use this hidden power?” Well, friends, it’s all about how often. It’s kind of like tuning in to your favorite radio station. When we align our thoughts, actions, and goals with higher vibrational frequencies, we can bring out the best in ourselves and the planet.

Now things really start to get interesting. Mother Earth is on board with this whole rising thing. We’re not just riding along on this cosmic roller coaster; we’re also actively moving Earth toward higher awareness. Together, we can speed up Earth’s ascension and move into the next stage of cosmic evolution by focusing our energies on high-frequency grid points and using the power of collective purpose.

Awakening of Earth

But hey, don’t believe me. If you know where to look, the proof is all around you. The Earth is awakening in many places, from old prophecies to cutting edge scientific study, but only if you pay attention.

What’s next for people and the world we love? That’s up to us, my friends. We are at a turning point, on the verge of a new era of awareness. Will we step up and accept our cosmic fate, or will we stay stuck in the darkness of fear and ignorance?

Junk DNA

We have the power to choose, but one thing is certain: now is the time to wake up. Let’s speak out, make sure we all have the same goals, and start a new era of love, light, and truth for all living things. We can change the course of history and make tomorrow better if we work together.

That’s all I have to say, my dear friends. Your hearts should be light, your feelings should be high, and your frequencies should be even higher. All the best until next time, my friends.

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