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Atari Breakout Guide

Why Atari Breakout is the Best Unblocked Game

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Atari Breakout or also known as Breakout game is an arcade game developed by Atari Inc and was released on 13th of May 1976. It comes under the category of Unblocked Games which is played a lot these days. Unblocked Games are the games which can be played on the site without paying any charges for it. They are mostly Flash Games and require a Flash Player in your system. Tetris Unblocked game which is also very popular these days.

There was a time when the pong game fever was at its peak. The Gaming Industry was ruled by the Pong games during the mid and late 70s. People were so much addicted to the pong games that all they used to search was the pong games. Atari Inc released many pong games, and all were accepted with delight by the game lovers.

When Atari came out with the Atari Breakout game, it turned out to be the best game for Atari Inc and added to the huge profit for the company. When Atari Breakout got success, the competitors soon started developing its clones inspired by Atari breakout but in their own way but nobody could even come close to the original Breakout game by Atari.

Breakout game by Atari
The breakout game by Atari

Even the graphics and UI of the games at that time were inferior as compared to what they are now, people still used to go crazy for the pong and arcade games and used to enjoy a lot playing them.

The Atari Breakout Game

The main reason behind the success of the Breakout game was its simplicity. Everyone could relate to the game and thought they could score without much difficulty. It was simple, easy to play and high scoring as well. People used to spend hours and hours in their gaming console playing Breakout when it was released.

Now the Atari Breakout is more graphically stable with a better User Interface. The levels have been upgraded and being an Unblocked Game, it runs on a Flash Player. Below are the upgrades that have been done on the current version of Atari Breakout Game.

User Interface – The UI of the current Breakout game is far superior as compared to the earlier one. The beautiful colors have been added to the game which makes it more attractive and fun to play.

Accessibility – One of the primary reasons for the popularity of the Breakout is the ease of access. You just have to Atari Breakout google, and you will see lots of sites which offer this game free of cost. Go to any website you want and play it for free.

Free Game – Atari Breakout is totally free and requires no charges whatsoever for the player. Earlier, if you wanted to play the game, you had to purchase a gaming console which used to be costly but with the ease in access of the internet these days, you can google the name of the game and play it immediately without any charges.

Level upgrades- The levels in the current version of Breakout have been upgraded as well. The game gets tougher as you pass on to the next level. You get powers and advantages as you advance.

How is Atari Breakout Played

Atari Breakout is an arcade game which is very simple to play. There is a formation of bricks made out of different colors which are situated near the top of the play area. Your target in the game is to break down the blocks into pieces using a paddle and a ball. Below are the steps to search and play the Breakout Game.

1. Open Google and search for the Atari Breakout Game
2. You will see many sites as a search result. Click on any of them, and you will see the game.
3. If your PC is not installed with a Flash Player, it will prompt you to do so.
4. After installing the Flash Player, just click on run and your game console will open.
5. Click on “New Game” to being the game and enjoy

Atari Breakout Game Tips
Atari Breakout Game Tips

Once you start the game, the ball will hit on to the various bricks placed above and will come back to the paddle from where it will bounce back again. You should not miss the ball hitting on the paddle. If you let the ball past the paddle, you will lose a life. You get 3 lives in the game.

Atari Breakout Gameplay
Atari Breakout Gameplay


Atari Breakout Game, being an Unblocked Game is free of cost. You do not have to purchase it if you want to play it. This is one of the primary reasons for its popularity across the globe. There are so many high graphics games designed by the Game development companies these days, but the charm of the Breakout Game is something different. People still love it, and it is the best Unblocked Game currently.

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