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Hi guys, Today I will write an article about domain buying. Most of the Bangladeshi Website users use the domain from Bangladeshi Local Hosting and Domain Providers. Most of the Bangladeshi Domain Providers do not give full control or Full Access to their Domain. As a result after 1 year when you have to renew your domain, you will face many difficulties with your domain providers.

So Today, I will discuss a trusted online Bangladeshi Domain Provider: BOSS HOST BD

We Are currently using their Domain Service and we have already 50+ Domains under our own account which are provided by BOSS HOST BD. Basically, they are the reseller of Resell Biz. But their support quality is above beyond.

Points you need to know before Domain Buy


You have to keep the below points in mind before buying domain

  1. You must have the actual domain control panel, not the 3rd party API connected Panel (Most Domain providers do that)
  2. You have the rightful access to your accounts as well as the reseller so that you can
    • Transfer your domain if you want
    • Move your Domain (Resell biz has the facility to move the domain without any cost within another resell biz account)
    • Nameserver change facility
    • DNS use facility
    • Privacy Policy Facility
    • Domain DNSSEC facility
  3. You must have to ensure what price will be needed to renew the domain.

If you are Bangladeshi and don’t know still from where you will buy the domain, Please see the follow video


So, The last point, if you want to buy a domain, at least talk with Boss Host BD first. If you don’t want to buy a domain from them, no problem. But get a good suggestion first from them about domains.

Boss Host BD Domain Buy Link

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