6 Tips to Make Your Cookie Packaging Boxes Tempting

Change is inevitable, which is obvious from the way the products are packed and presented to the target audience. In today’s world, unlike the old times, products do not only need a better containment but a better presentation to entice customers because the competition is tough, and there are a lot of brands that offer similar products.

Every product has different needs when it comes to packaging, especially cookie boxes. It is because cookies are liked, loved, and consumed by people of every age and gender around the world. Plus, they make amazing presents, snacks for late-night munching, and party or wedding favors.

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Well, to create more impactful and expressive presentations, custom-printed cookie boxes are the way to go as they are the most versatile in compelling customers that it is the product that they need.

Custom Shapes:

Unique custom shapes play an important role in grabbing the attention of the customers as product packaging is the first thing that they interact with when they enter a shop. 

Cookies are already unique and come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. To give them an appropriate presentation, go for boxes with window cutouts or custom cutouts in other shapes that display the product in the most effective manner. Customization offers die-cut boxes in shapes like pillowcases, gable boxes, magnetic closure boxes, flip-open encasement, and many more. They not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also protect the product.

Perfectly Fitting Sizes:

Sizes are one of the things that are overlooked by most companies while creating packaging for the products. It is important to give cookies perfectly fitting boxes so that they stay in place as it prevents the potential damage to the product inside the box and also from the outside during shipping and handling at the retailer, such as hitting or falling.

Besides protection, perfectly fitting sizes create a responsible and trustworthy image of a brand because you do not want to create misconceptions among the customers by packing the product in a box that is relatively larger than the product that is packed inside.

Bespoke Designs:

A plain box is not worthy of a brand that wants to create recognition in the market and increases the value of a business and a product. Custom printing provides companies boxes that give an identity to create an everlasting impact on the audience. Go for custom logos, imageries, patterns, and information or colors that are representative of the brand. For instance, if you associate a particular color with your brand, it will become easy for the customers to identify you in other brands that offer a similar product.


Quality is everything!

A product is always judged by the quality of a box because no one has time to make comparisons and evaluate the pros and cons of the product while standing in a shop. To solve this problem, customers use product boxes as a guideline or a standard to judge the quality of the product.

Lamination is a plastic covering in different finishes like glossy or matte and semi-gloss that gives a fine and polished appearance. It also helps in creating durable and reliable packaging by making it water and moisture-proof.

Foiling and Embossing:

A little fancy is never out of fashion!

Customization has revolutionized the way products used to be packed. Unlike conventional plain boring brown boxes, go for custom foiling or embossing for logos or the information that needs to be highlighted to grab the attention of the customers. 

Combining different colored boxes with golden or silver foiling gives a very classy and expensive outlook to the product.

Embossing is an art of raised ink, which you can use for the most crucial information that helps in purchasing the product. For instance, getting flavors of the cookies on the box in embossed ink instantly lets customers know about what they are going to buy or what they are looking for.

Mixing and Matching:

The most advantageous and beneficial feature of customization is that it does not limit you to a single print or a particular shape for a product, but you can mix and match all these techniques to create a box that portrays the image of your business most creatively. For instance, instead of going for a box, you can choose a pouch or a bag with cutouts, lamination, embossing, foiling, or other embellishments to create a distinctive image in the market. Where every cookie comes in a box, packing your product in Kraft wrappers with custom stickers can create more impact on the target audience.

Advancements in technology and change in trends have made it tough for companies to get the desired packaging most affordably. Perhaps, It is not the case with Cookie Boxes because these dealers always deal in a bulk amount that significantly reduces the price of each box. 

The cleverest and the most beneficial thing to do with your product packaging is to tempt the customers with the most important issue, such as environmental pollution. Custom cookie boxes in the USA are eco-friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable. It entices customers to go for your product instead of something that creates a more damaging impact on the environment,

It does not matter if you are a small business or a large brand because customization offers equal opportunity to everyone when it comes to packaging. It depends on you to choose what suits you the best and serves all your products in business needs.

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