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Top 10 free websites in Canada for looking for a job

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Websites that let you look for jobs are good places to look for good ones. Read on to find out more about the best free job search sites.

Why Canada?

Canada is among the best places for immigrants because of its immigration rules. International skilled workers who want to move to Canada should look for employment sites because they will probably be looking for jobs that will let them live easily. With the help of the Express Entry draw, people who want to work in Canada can move there.

Going to work sites is good for people. Many list pay and job descriptions, which help candidates determine if they meet the standards and what they should do. Even though there are a lot of job sites in Canada, you should choose ones that have been around for a long time and have a good name. The best website to use is a global job site like Indeed, which has been around for a long time and has a good image and high reviews.

It’s important to know that foreigners and newcomers to Canada can apply for jobs on many different platforms, but we’ve picked out the 10 most famous ones below. The things on the list were chosen based on what the users chose.

Best job sites in Canada


Indeed – Indeed.ca

Indeed.ca is a great place to start for both companies looking for Canadian workers and people looking for jobs in Canada. Most job postings can be found on Indeed.ca, which offers 10,000 jobs daily and has more than 6.4 million monthly visitors. Indeed.ca is different from other job boards because managers are in charge of how much they spend and how well they do their jobs. Recruiters can post their ads for free but also pay to have them stand out and be shown first. When a boss clicks on an ad, they only have to pay for it.

Job Board Finder says you should spend at least $10 daily on pay-per-click ads to keep your ad up and to run. Recruiters don’t have to do much work to post jobs online and set budgets. Also, there is a fee to use Indeed’s collection of CVs.

Workpolis – workopolis.com

Workopolis is one of Canada’s best-known job sites. In April, the top job board in the world, Indeed, sold the site to the Japanese Recruit Holdings Group. Hysayuki Idekoba, the CEO of Indeed, said that Workopolis was a trusted name and the best job site in Canada when he talked about it. With the deal, the company wants to grow outside the US and make it easier for Canadians to look for work.

Employers don’t have access to as many parts of the site as job seekers do. Aside from removing the CV database, they plan to remove the job posting tool and make other changes to how the platform works. Since Workopolis is now working with Indeed, jobs posted on Indeed will show up right away on Workopolis.

Since 2000, Canadian companies and job seekers have been able to find good job listings on the Workopolis job board. Its website has more than 300,000 job ads, and more than 2.8 million people visit it monthly. In April, 6.4 million people looked at the Canadian website, which is good news for recruiters.

Job hunters can narrow their search by region, type of job, employer, or recruitment agency. Recent job searches are automatically saved so users can quickly find them again. The site has a great blog area, videos, podcasts, and articles in both English and French.

Job bank – jobbank.gc.ca

Job Bank is a good place to look for Canadian government jobs. There is a list of many jobs in both the public and private sectors, as well as internships, federal government jobs, and training programs. Some groups, like seniors, students, people with disabilities, Native Americans, and obvious minorities, can use the “Employment Groups” filter to find the best deals.

Thousands of real job offers are put on the website every month, and 3 million people visit it every month. Since this official government website has information about immigration policies, everyday life in Canada, salary, job insurance, skills, and taxes. 

Recruiters can easily post ads on other websites and share them with other recruiters. Job Bank has been very helpful to businesses because it gives them useful information about market trends, tips for hiring and training new workers, and statistics. Employers with a Canada Revenue Agency number are the only ones who can post.

Monster Canada – monster.ca

Monster.ca is one of the best job search tools in Canada and worldwide. Monster.ca is the most popular generalist job board in Canada. It has over 2 million unique visitors monthly and lists thousands of job openings to help companies find the right person for the right job using cutting-edge technology.

Monster.ca offers customized solutions through the web, smart devices, and social networks. Recruiters can easily find good candidates in Canada’s provinces and territories because Monster’s normal job postings are sent to up to 1000 partner job boards. Up to 44% of Monster.ca’s visitors come from outside of Canada.

Glassdoor Canada – glassdoor.ca

The Glassdoor job board became well-known worldwide because current and former employees could rate their coworkers and comment on their experiences with the company. A lot of companies as well as people looking for jobs, go to the site. Since 4.4 million people visit Glassdoor.ca every month, it’s a safe bet that many recruiters’ ads will be seen there. Also, people looking for work can look through more than 30,000 job openings in Toronto alone. Candidates don’t have to apply to or meet with companies they don’t want to work for, thanks to GlassDoor’s reviews.

After a free trial period of seven days, agents can start posting jobs for $199, which is less than what their competitors charge. Also, people who post jobs can change their ads as they see fit. Glassdoor says that other job sites cost 30% more than Glassdoor because they don’t have as many great features as Glassdoor.


Careerbuilder.ca is at the bottom of our list because it only gets a little more than 300,000 unique users monthly. In May 2018, there were just under 8000 job postings, which is not huge. It might just be trying to stand out in a market already full of job boards. Their websites are well-made and easy to use, which will appeal to both employers and people looking for jobs. Recruiters can use services like online job ads, resume databases, candidate tracking systems, job distribution technologies, and background checks, among other things.


Over 550,000 people visit the Jobboom job board every month, which makes it a great place to post jobs in Quebec. In May 2018, there were just over 8000 job listings on Jobboom. This means that job searchers have fewer options. Jobboom does post jobs from all over Canada, but most of its visitors and posts come from Quebec. The website is easy to use, and their customer service staff can help with questions about products quickly and with a lot of knowledge. Jobboom is a little more expensive than some national generalists for recruiters to use, but the value you get makes it more than worth it.

A 30-day job spot costs $1000 CDN. This includes a CV search, a seven-day banner ad on the homepage, and automatic emails to possible candidates. Generalists put your ad up all over the province, while specialists only put up ads in the place where you live. You don’t have to make an account; it’s quick and easy. Click the button and send in your application if you want to apply. Even though the website is available in English and French, most of its ads are in French.


Torontojobs.ca is the place to start if you want to work in or near Canada’s biggest job market. Recruiters may get more out of it than job hunters, though. There are about 100,000 job listings on the Toronto Jobs site, but only about 5,000 people check it monthly. This means there isn’t much competition for job seekers, and employers may not reach the best candidates.


This government job portal lets businesses with a Canada Revenue Agency number post jobs for free. The site gets a lot of traffic—more than 300,000 unique people a month. The site has more than 17,000 job listings and offers jobs in many areas, most in the public sector. Jobsbc.ca is the best choice for foreign companies that don’t have a CRA number but want to hire people in British Columbia. Workbc.ca is a government website with information and statistics about labor laws, education choices, and the state of the job market. To apply, you need to send emails straight to companies.


Even though the website’s name doesn’t sound very specialized, Jobs.ca is the main page for a network of specialized job boards for jobs in everything from human resources to pharmaceuticals. If recruiters are looking for a specialized job board, this is the best place to start offering jobs to reach the right people. Posting ads online is easy and inexpensive, and their customer service is very helpful.

Before posting a job, recruiters should know who the job sites are aimed at, how many people visit each month, their demographics, and how many people use tablets, mobile phones, and PCs. On most employment forums, job postings are grouped by location or province. On this forum, however, job postings are put worldwide. Job seekers can save time using search options like listing companies and separating postings by job titles.

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