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The Ultimate Pre Publishing Checklist for Bloggers

The Ultimate Pre-Publishing Checklist for Bloggers

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you have probably heard “Content is King.” This proverb emphasizes content in the digital age. First, continue. Its true meaning. Material production goes beyond mere creation.

High-quality, entertaining, SEO-optimized content is ‘king’ here. The information engages the reader from the first sentence and provides value throughout. Good writing answers questions, solves problems, and entertains.

This guide is perfect for everyone, from seasoned writers to beginners who want to learn more. Consider it your Pre-Publishing Checklist and content development ally. This method ensures that your next piece is great before you press ‘Publish’. Indeed, only the best reign in the kingdom of content! Are you ready to create top-notch content?

The Checklist

Focus on Quality and Value

First and foremost, let us discuss the quality of your content. Is your article well-written, engaging, and educational? Remember that your post reflects you; good content is essential for increasing engagement. Have you double-checked your spelling and grammar? Grammarly and other tools can assist in detecting these errors. ‘Isn’t content subjective?’ you might ask. It is, indeed. But what about grammatical correctness and value addition? Those apply to everyone! As a result, make your post the best it can be.

SEO – Your Secret Weapon

The next step is SEO optimization. Have you used relevant keywords? What are meta descriptions? Image alt tags? If these terms are unfamiliar, it is time to learn them. SEO is the secret sauce that makes your post visible to search engines. And visibility is the first step toward engagement.

Formatting – The Unsung Hero

Let’s talk about formatting and the styling. Have you ever encountered a post simply with a large text block that needs to be more organized? Isn’t it stressful to read? Here’s a suggestion:

  1. Split it down.
  2. Make use of headings, subheadings, and bullet points.
  3. Make it usable and visually appealing. Your readers will exhale a sigh of relaxation, and they will thank you for it.
  4. Remember that a well-formatted post is one that readers will enjoy.
  5. Have fun formatting!
Using links in an article

The guide to using links in a blog is given below

 Have you included at least two internal links? These can lead your readers to other relevant content on your site, keeping them engaged for longer.

After attaching the link, you can also customize it by yourself. It will show you three options you can choose any of them according to your choice.

  • Open in a new tab.
  • Search engines should ignore this link (mark as no follow). Learn more about marking a link as no follow or sponsored.
  • This is a sponsored link or advert (marked as sponsored). Learn more about keeping a link as no follow or sponsored.

 Links in your post are like portals offering more information to your readers, including external links to credible sources. These not only boost your SEO but also build trust with your readers. But what happens if a portal leads nowhere? Frustration, right? So, ensure all your links, customizable as they are, are working correctly.

Boosting Article Shareability with Concise Permalinks

Is your permalink concise? A permalink is ideally a single word or two words. This makes it easier for your readers to remember and share your article quickly.

Include a link in both the first and last paragraphs. This can guide your readers to investigate more of your content.

  • Add at least one internal link in the first paragraph and one in the last paragraph.
  • Add at least an external link.

Improving SEO

you can improve the SEO of your blog by applying the things written below. check them if you want a better SEO

Tagging for Better SEO

Add at least 4-5 relevant tags to improve your SEO. These help search engines to understand what your content is about.

Assigning Articles to Correct Categories

Here you have to assign your article to the correct categories on your website, which will help your readers find the content more efficiently and effortlessly, increasing your engagement by a huge number.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Set an appealing and attractive featured image that captures the essence of your article.

  • Featured images should be made using Canva. The size should be 1200 in width and 630 in height.
  • You have to add the title of the post in the featured image.
  • Change the image name to whatever the content is about

Importance of Table of Contents (TOC)

If your article is long and hard to navigate, then a simple TOC (Table Of Contents) can make it easy to navigate for the viewers of your site, and it will be engaging for them. The simple TOC is also attached to this article.

Headings Your Tool for Easy Document Navigation

Headings help structure longer writing pieces and allow the reader to navigate a document easily.

Have you used Heading 2 or smaller headings in your post? Always keep In mind, 

Heading 1 is reserved for the title only.

Uses of relevant images in a blog

Have you included at least two relevant photos or infographics in your article? These can considerably improve the appeal of your post and break up the material, making your writing more engaging. But keep in mind that relevance is everything. An unconnected image in your post is analogous to a joke with an incorrect punchline.

  • After inserting the image, you must align it in the center for a better view.
  • Then, change the name of the image to whatever the content is about

Is Your Blog Authentic?

Is your content authentic?

You can check whether your written piece is copied from any sources. One of the websites is “ZERO GPT”, which shows how much you copied from Google.

Searching for truth

Check whether all the information in your article is accurate and up-to-date or not because sometimes the data gets changed. Serving trending content plays a significant role in content creation.

Is your content original and not copied from other sources?

You can check your plagiarism by Grammarly, but it is a paid website, so I suggest any random free plagiarism checking website available. Originality is very crucial in content publishing.

Sharing is Caring

Making your post easily shareable on social media platforms is like giving it wings to fly across the digital landscape in today’s digital age. These are thriving marketplaces where content can go viral anytime. Shareability extends your content’s reach, bringing it to audiences you might not have reached otherwise. As you prepare to publish, ensure that it is easily shareable. Also, make it as easy as a click for your readers to spread the content by including social media buttons. After all, in the world of content, sharing is more than just caring; it’s also about growing, connecting, engaging, and bringing your post to life.

Audience Appropriateness

Here, you have to tailor your content to your target audiences. Find out What they are interested in. What problems are they trying to solve?

Legal Compliances

Last but not least, legal compliance is crucial. It’s like the seatbelt in a car, providing safety and assurance. Does your content comply with all legal requirements? This includes respecting copyright laws and privacy laws. You certainly don’t want to end up in a legal soup because of a copyright violation or a privacy breach, do you?

The Rhythm of the Digital World

Everything has a rhythm, and the digital world is no exception. When deciding the timing of your post, it’s crucial to tune into this rhythm. Consider your audience. Are they early birds, night owls, or busy bees stealing a moment during their lunch break? Understanding their routine can help you determine the most suitable time to publish your post. After all, publishing a fantastic post at the wrong time is like serving a feast with no one at the table to appreciate it.

Timing – The Key to Success

So, before you hit ‘Publish’, pause for a moment. Tune into the rhythm of your audience’s digital dance. Time your post accordingly. In the grand orchestra of blogging, your post is the melody, timing, and rhythm. When they synchronize harmoniously, you create a symphony of success. Remember, timing could be the difference between a post that fades into oblivion and one that takes the spotlight. Happy blogging!

Conclusion Crafting Quality Content as a Labour of Love

It takes more than simply pressing the enter key on your keyboard, or in this case, the pen, to publish an article. It’s an exacting, painstaking process that requires your complete focus as a labour of love. Comparable to preparing a delicate dining dish, you cannot simply combine all the components and hope for the finest results. You must adhere to the recipe, measure every ingredient precisely, and monitor the cooking duration.

This Pre-Publishing checklist is your prescription for producing high-quality, engaging, SEO-friendly and legally compliant content. It’s your road map to developing content that appeals to your target audience and ranks well in search engines. Remember that every article you write is a representation of your website. Your website’s reputation is like a brick in the wall. As a result, ensure that each brick piece is well-crafted and valuable. After all, wouldn’t you prefer a robust and well-constructed wall over a fragile one? So, let’s get cooking or writing, shall we?

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