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Decorate Our Home at Festivals

How We Should Decorate Our Home at Festivals?

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Festivals are those occasions of the year that give you a reason to take a break and celebrate with friends and family who are both far and near. Naturally, such a time of the year calls for a celebration for more than one reason.

To make this time extra special most of us try to deck up the home and make it festive ready. Now get every nook of your home party-ready and rekindle the holiday ambiance with these perky tips.

Irrespective of whether you prefer the traditional décor or something more contemporary, you will surely find something of your choice from these.

Things to Do Before Starting with the Decoration

Keep it in mind that in order to ensure that positive energy flows into the house, you should arrange for a clutter-free ambiance prior to going for the décor. You should make sure that the house is dust-free and well-ventilated.

The next thing that you can do is choose the right color palette.  If you have a color scheme in mind, it will help in focussing and maintaining the aesthetics of your space.

You can create a warm and welcoming ambiance with warm tones like orange, yellow, red, and peach. You should not also be afraid to go bold by throwing the shades like gold and purple.

  • Dress Up the Home Wall – You should have the festive effect by going for vibrancy and a dash of quirkiness instead of the plain walls. Apart from choosing the right color palettes that are mentioned above, you can also dramatize your wall art or add an interesting wallpaper. The traditional patterns and motifs can also beautify your walls. You can also style the walls with fairy lights, wall murals, wall hangings, and paintings. Not just that, the mirrors can also raise the aesthetics of your walls. You can select the ones with the matt texture and chrome designs with the antique finish.
  • Create the Floating Lights – Are you thinking about what to do with the unused corners of your house? It is time to take out one of the little-used and heavy kitchen utensils. Then you have to paint the utensil in a darker shade so that it reflects the lights well. After that, fill it up with the water. Then place the floating tea candles upon the water. If you think that your youngster can mess up the vessel, then you can place the flower petals and tea lights around the vessel which will prevent it.

  • Accessorise – Accessorising your home space is great. While altering or changing the furniture can add fresh appeal to space, the accessories can complete the festive look. You can glorify the place with the elegant cushions, curtains, rugs, and bedspreads. The showpieces and the antique vessels, the glassware and the scented candles can also complement the interiors. You should not overdo it, however, and let the interiors reflect the personality of your space.
  • Go for a Table Décor – When it comes to the table decorations, you can have a plethora of options like flowers and candles. You can change it according to the season. The flowers are the all-time for everyone. The decoration of flowers comes handy at the time of the festivals. You can use anything for giving the flowers a resting place starting from tray to a wine box. In no time you can get the wine case converted into the flower holder. This will look great on the side-table or at the entryway.
  • Add the Potpourri – A potpourri can give your home an outstanding smelling zesty. You can take care of a handful of flowers, herbs, and petals to be placed in a cane basket or a decorative bowl. For this, you can mix a favorite spice combo, essential oils, woody scents together to get the perfect aroma for space.
  • String Up the Bells – The banisters can be quite tricky to decorate. For the airy, light and cheerful look you should try to string the red and white paper bells with the wishing line. The decorative bells look great on the staircase.

  • Play Some Great Music for the Occasion – You should play some cassettes and CDs and find a station that will play the music that will sound soothing to the ears and will also set the festive mood for you and your guests. You can find festive playlists on various music apps today that can play the music that will appeal to you.
Apart from the above, you can also opt for event furniture hire which can uplift your festive home décor and take it to the next level without digging a hole in your pocket.
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