An Easier Way to Add Hyperlinks to PDF without Acrobat

add hyperlinks to PDF
add hyperlinks to PDF
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In many cases, we need to add hyperlinks to docomeents so that the readers could go to the external websites for detailed information. Usually, we create a Word file which hyperlinks have been included and then save as PDF file. That would be easy. But what if we have only PDF docomeents? We have to open it with Adobe Acrobat and insert hyperlinks one by one by dragging a rectangle and then enter the URL. Now, we have a new and easier method to add hyperlinks to PDF. What’s more, no Acrobat needed.

PDF Link Editor could be used to add hundreds of hyperlinks to PDF at one time. Download it from its official website for free. Install and launch this software on your Windows system. You can expect an intuitive interface. Follow the steps and you can find how simple it is to hyperlink a PDF.

  1. Add a PDF docomeent. All hyperlinks included in the PDF will show in the grid.
  2. Click “Add Links” button to start creating hyperlinks in PDF.
  3. In the pop-up window, enter the words you want to insert URL and click “Search” button. PDF Link Editor will find all anchors out. You can click “Show Me” to view the location of each anchor.
  4. When at least one anchor has been found, you are allowed to create a URL for the PDF. Enter the URL in the text filed and click “Insert” button. Our program will insert all hyperlinks to the anchors found in the PDF automatically.

add hyperlinks to PDF

That’s how you can use PDF Link Editor to hyperlink a PDF. What’s more, there are several features you can enjoy either:

Other Features

  1. Quite small. Less than 17MB;
  2. Batch replace and update hyperlinks;
  3. Clear all hyperlinks embedded in PDF;
  4. Extract all hyperlinks embedded in PDF;
  5. Support all Adobe PDF version.


Processor Intel Core2 Duo 2.4GHz processor or higher recommended
RAM 256 MB RAM or higher recommended
Disk 50 MB of free disk space
Devices All Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Convertibles based on Windows OS.


Adobe Acrobat is a great application that brings convenience to our life. However, when you are dealing with a large number of PDF hyperlinks, PDF Link Editor could be an alternative application to help you manage them in an easier manner.


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