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Google Analytics 4 GA4 Integration with Google Adsense

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) integration with Google Adsense – Step by Step

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Attention all website owners! Big changes are happening in the world of analytics, and you need to be prepared! Say goodbye to old Universal Analytics and say hello to the game-changing Google Analytics 4 property!

📈💥 Starting from July 1st, 2023, Universal Analytics will no longer process your precious data, but don’t panic! In this mind-blowing article, we’ll unveil the secret to seamlessly integrating the Google Analytics 4 property with Google AdSense, something no one else will tell you! 😮💡 Discover the insider tricks that will help you bridge the gap between these two powerful tools and skyrocket your website’s performance.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to stay ahead of the game and dominate the digital landscape! Let’s dive in NOW!

Google Analytics 4 Creation and Setup

First, you must create a Google Analytics 4 property for your website.

After creating the property, you must go to the Admin and the data stream.


In the data stream, you can see the web, click on the web, and you can see your website there.


Click your website there. After clicking on the website, you can see a view tag instruction at the end. Click on The View tag instruction.


After clicking on The View tag instruction, if your website is WordPress, you can integrate the WordPress site with some ready-made plug-ins like Monster Insights, Google Sitekit, or WooCommerce plugin.


I prefer to install the manual version. So we will go to the manual install version, copy the JavaScript code, and insert it into the header portion of our website with the header-footer plugin.

How to Get the Manual Code to Insert for GA4 (Google Analytics 4)?


After successfully integrating your website with Google Analytics 4 or GA 4 version, you can go to the Google AdSense of your Website. Remember that. The analytics and AdSense should be in the same account. After going to the Google account, you have to go to the

Account section of Google AdSense in the account section. There is an access and authorization Tab and under the axis. And the authorization tab, you will find a Google Analytics integration menu on the left.

After clicking on the Google Analytics integration, you can see a blue button with plus link called New Link.

Adsense-ga4 integration

After clicking on the new link, you can see your existing Google Analytics 4 property in the drop down menu; search your desired GA 4 property from there, and click done. After clicking the done, you can integrate the Google Analytics 4 property with your AdSense.


If you fail to follow these guidelines, step by step. You can see the YouTube video attached here to follow the easily.

A step-by-step guideline for Google Analytics 4 integration with Google AdSense.

Google AdSense – GA4 Integration – Step-by-Step Video Tutorial [2024]

Youtube link

Google AdSense – GA4 Integration – Step-by-Step Video Tutorial [2024]

What is the benefit of integrating the Google Analytics 4 property with Google AdSense?

The benefit of integration with the Google Analytics 4 version with Google AdSense. He’s you can easily identify how many visitors are coming from which countries into your Google AdSense account, as well as it gives clear transparency to Google also that which visitor is coming to your website and clicking on which ads so that it will give value and better safety in your absence.

If you have any issues integrating with the above, I can help you create and migrate your old Universal Analytics to the new Google Analytics 4 property.

With a very safe method, I can integrate your Google AdSense with Google Analytics at a minimum charge. Feel free to knock me. Thank you. Just mail your offer price to admin@shoutmecrunch.com

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