Secret Messenger: Free AES-256 Encryption Tool Review

Secret Messenger
Secret Messenger
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If you want to send a message to your dear ones secretly, you definitely need this secret messenger. Read details about Secret Messenger: Free AES-256 Encryption Tool.

Data encryption has become very essential when it comes to enhancing the security of the message being sent. It ensures that information reaches the intended recipient without undergoing any manipulation. Data manipulation is very possible especially when data lands in unauthorized hands. It is therefore important to be very careful whenever you are sending any information or messages.

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Why You Need A Secret Messenger?

In this era which is full of hackers, vital information is likely to fall into the hands of unauthorized personnel. It is very rewarding when you make good use of data encryption tools. This new trend has made it possible to preserve the confidentiality of messages and information being sent around. In fact, there are lots of software you can make good use of when it comes to data encryption. One of them being Secret Messages, equipped with a Free AES 256 encryption tool.

Secret Messenger

There are many reasons why people have switched to data encryption. One of the main reasons is to secure one’s data. This is possible through using Secret Messager, which has a free AES-256 encryption tool. With this software you will be able to hide messages, making them only available to the authorized recipient. Your information will have enhanced security; besides it will be placed far from the reach of people with self-interests.

How to encrypt your online information:

There have been cases of online messages getting into the hands of unauthorized personnel. This occurrence leads to information being manipulated to benefit the self-interests of hackers. Fortunately, this data theft is bound to be combated accordingly. The Secret Messages online software is a must-have if you are serious about securing your online messages. With it, you can hide messages in image form, encrypt files and related data with ease. The software is also accompanied by a number of features. These are benefits that are enjoyed by individuals who use this software. They include the following:

  • Enhanced security

Data encryption is mainly associated with enhancing the security of the message being sent. This is where the secret messages software comes in handy. It has the AES 256 technology that ensures data is only shared between the sender and receiver alone. No third party is allowed to access the information.

  • Faster

This software works at an increased rate. In fact, that is why it has become more popular among individuals who send sensitive information and want it to reach the intended destination at a faster rate.

  • Safe

With this software, it is impossible to restore the sent messages. Your sensitive information will be kept safe.

  • Free

Using this software is 100% free. You will enjoy sending your data faster and securely without having to dip into your pocket.

  • Protects sensitive information

First, the information you are sending will be encrypted. This software will also generate data decryption codes that you will share with the recipient for easier reading of the encrypted messages.

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How to encrypt offline data:

Keeping your offline information safe and secure requires the use of reliable software. The secret Messager will be of much use when it comes to protecting your data while offline. It will ensure you prevent your messages from getting into prohibited hands. It allows you to hide messages in image form. Such messages can only be read by authorized individuals. This software comes with the following benefits:

  • Secure

When sending sensitive data, you will require a very secure source. This is possible by using the Secret Messager software. The process will be undertaken offline. There are no possibilities for uploading any files or messages. As a result, your information will be kept safe.

  • Enhanced encryption process

The software uses the AES256 technology in encrypting files and messages. The messages can be encrypted in form of images that cannot be understood by anyone else apart from the intended recipient.

  • Generation of a secret key

The recipient will need to have a secure secret key in order to decrypt the message received. This prevents the information from being accessed by any prohibited person.

Secret Messenger Features

  1. Encrypt/Decrypt messages. Support more than 100 languages.
  2. Encrypt/Decrypt files. It can encrypt or decrypt 100 files at one time.
  3. Hide messages in an image and no one can read it unless you have the key.
  4. AES-256 encryption technology.
  5. Generate a random secret key.
  6. Data will never be uploaded to the cloud.
Secret Messager
Secret Messager

Name: Secret Messager
Version: 1.0.0
Publisher: Secret Messages
Size: 5.33MB;
Download Link


Encrypting your messages is one of the best ways of keeping your information safe. In that connection, you will require a reliable encrypting software to ensure your messages are kept safe. Here is where the Secret Messager comes in handy. It has all the features required in keeping your messages safe and secure.

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