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recover seagate hard disk

How to Recover data Seagate hard disk

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As a 30-year industry expert, Seagate continues providing the innovative solutions in the storage industry. Though many hard disk drive manufacturers appear and grow fast nowadays in the high-tech era, none of them is comparable with Seagate. Seagate provides advanced solutions to industries in need of digital storage, and its products usage ranges from home computer to the enterprise data center.

This is the cause of the Seagate file recovery. Realizing the potential risk of data loss, I decided to share a post talking about how to recover data on a Seagate hard disk (which is a headache for many people).

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recover seagate hard disk

Yes, You Can Recover Data on Seagate Hard Disk

In the face of a broken Seagate hard drive, full of valuable data, you must be depressed, right? Please don’t be; there’s a good way to deal with Seagate hard disk data recovery. Just read the operation tips carefully.

Tutorial: Finish Seagate File Recovery Quickly & Alone

Step 1: choose a high-quality recovery tool from the network. If you’re not sure which one to use, you may ask someone close to you for advice.

Step 2: install and launch the tool you have found and then recover files with it.

(The recovery steps usually include:

  1. select the storage device you’d like to retrieve data from;
  2. click on the scan button to search for lost data on the selected drive;
  3. wait for the scanning process;
  4. look through the found files and make your decision on which ones to save
  5. click on the save button to recover them to a safe place.)

Recover Seagate hard disk from home


Step 3: go to check whether all the files you need have been recovered or not and check whether they can be opened usually.

This is how to recover data from a hard drive with a third party tool.

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After you had got back all the files you need, a complete backup is suggested; it dramatically reduces the possibility of future data loss. Of course, this step is only optional.


Seagate Hard Disk is Good

Seagate Hard Drive Is A Good Choice

Seagate is a leader in the research and development industry, and it has been committing to the introduction of new technologies to meet future development needs. Besides, Seagate always focuses on breakthrough innovations from the start, hoping to solve problems occurred in digital storage solutions.

Thus, though Seagate hard drive data loss happens now and then, I still advise you to choose Seagate hard drive, which has high quality, rather than other hard drives made by small manufacturers, which may pose a threat to your devices and data inside.

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But remember, no hard drive can stay clear from data loss incidents. So you need to do the following things to secure your data:

a). Stop writing new data immediately when you discover the data loss disaster.

b). Turn to a powerful & safe tool at once to regain the important files.

c). Arrange a full backup after the recovery.

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