Jealousy, An Internal Fire to Destroy Ownself

Jealousy An Internal Fire to Destroy Ownself
Jealousy An Internal Fire to Destroy Ownself
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Some people can be found, those who are jealous for no reason.

Classmate? If you read better than that, then he started jealousy.

Colleague? You are more skilled at work, responsible, attentive … and instantly started envy.

Neighbors? If you are happy with your family, that will be the cause of your frustrations.

Jealousy, An Internal Fire to Destroy Ownself
Jealousy, An Internal Fire to Destroy Ownself

Girlfriend If your husband is in a good position or loves you more than that will be his violence.

Anyone of the same age? Your position is better than that … you have started envy.

Sometimes, sometimes people do not have any reason to envy the people.

You are good, happy, only that becomes the cause of much jealous.

The jealous people first want to do direct harm … if they do not, if they do not make false, one wants to create a quarrel with one another. If you cannot do this, then you have to talk to him about various nonsense, negatives.

They themselves cannot do good to anybody, they are very upset by the misfortune.

The envy is so fierce that Allah Himself asks us to seek shelter from ourselves … and (say, I seek shelter) from the evil of an envier when he envies.” (Surah Al-Falak: 5)

Those who come to me to talk negatively about others, I hate this kind of person in personal life.

Because, the person who says something negative to someone else, will not tell my negative words to another, what is his assurance?

The people of the jealousy are often hurt by the name of giving advice or advice … The common dialogue is “I said this because I want you better.”

Many times they come as well-wishers, talking about friendship, but the purpose is to harm yourself or others. Friends, more violence is the most harmful.

As much as this kind of people can be avoided, the better the better.

Messenger of Allah He said, “Stop being jealous because jealousy strikes people’s good deeds just as the fire consumes wood.” (Abu Daud)

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