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Why To Consider Small Group Photography Tours in Kalahari

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The Kalahari Desert in Africa has one of the largest diamond mines in the whole world. The first diamond was discovered around 3 decades ago, and it went on sale on Valentine’s Day in 2015. But apart from these, the desert is quite renowned for its wildlife.

And if you are a passionate photographer, you are in for a treat! From rare birds to animals, you find a wide variety of wildlife to capture in your camera. If you aren’t an experienced wildlife photographer, it may be challenging for you to get great shots. For some like you, there’s an option for small-group photography tours. As the name suggests, these are tours where experienced photographers tell you how to click great pictures. Apart from that, there are many other reasons to join a photography tour. Let’s discuss them in detail:

Improve Your Photography Skills

Of course, the primary reason to join these wildlife photography tours is to enhance your photography skills. In these tours, you will get full support and guidance from professional photographers. They will teach you techniques and skills to click a perfect shot, such as:

  • Learn Manual Control: Beginners just must point the camera and shoot at the subject with an automatic setting. But that is not enough to give you a stunning shot. To improve your photographs, you must take control and shoot in manual mode. Opting for this mode will allow you to change your settings in a low-light environment, and you can control the shutter speed, ISO, and aperture.
  • Walking on tours: Of course, you will roam around the land on safaris, but you won’t always have to stay inside for shots. On this tour, your tour guide can assist you in exploring the terrain on foot. That way, you can get to see much more of the wildlife and take the best shot.
  • How to use different angles: Even if you carry the world’s best camera, it won’t matter if you don’t know at what angles you must click a shot. You should not capture pictures in a regular standing stance. Your tour guide or professional photographer on your side will teach you how to take pictures of the creatures and landscape from different angles.
  • How to be patient: As they say, patience is the key! Tour guides will teach you techniques on how to remain calm and peaceful. How to hold your breath while taking shots.

During your trip, you will also receive feedback from your tour guides. That can be a game changer to enhance your skills.

Small Group Photography

Meet Like-Minded People on These Tours

Yes, it can be a world difference when you meet people who vibe with you. When you meet new people who love wildlife and photography just as much as you do, you instantly connect with them. It also helps you learn different approaches to photography from each other.

What Species Will You Encounter on These Trips?

In the land of Kalahari, there are so many beautiful creatures waiting to be seen and captured through the camera. There are unique species that you will only encounter in Kalahari, such as:


You will spot aardvarks, which are also known as ‘earth pigs.’ They are a medium-sized, nocturnal mammal that is native to Africa.

  • These creatures have long tongues that can pick up ants and bugs, which is their main diet.
  • They have large ears that enable them to hear any danger that is near them.

Black-maned lions:

These lions have been one of the species roaming around the Kalahari lands from the earliest times.

Fun fact: The reason they are named black-maned lions is because they have dark hair. If they are well-fed and get plenty of love from their wives, it can turn their hair into dark.

The Charm of Kalahari for Photographers

Rich Biodiversity and Unique Landscapes

The Kalahari is not just a desert; it’s a mosaic of ecosystems that unveil a diverse array of flora and fauna. From the iconic red dunes to the expansive salt pans, every corner of the Kalahari tells a story through its captivating landscapes. Photographers have the opportunity to capture the dance of light and shadows on the textured sands, creating visual masterpieces that convey the desert’s dynamic beauty.

Diverse Wildlife, Including Iconic Species

Beyond the arid landscapes, the Kalahari is home to a surprising variety of wildlife. From the elusive meerkats to the majestic Kalahari lions, photographers can frame their shots with the backdrop of the desert, creating evocative images that showcase the unique adaptations of these species to the harsh environment. Small group tours provide the advantage of intimate encounters, allowing photographers to observe and photograph wildlife in their natural habitat with minimal disturbance.

Cultural Elements and Local Experiences

The Kalahari is not only a haven for nature enthusiasts but also a melting pot of cultures. Small group tours often incorporate visits to local communities, providing photographers with the chance to capture the daily lives, traditions, and vibrant colors of the indigenous people. These cultural interactions add depth to the photographic narrative, creating a holistic visual story that goes beyond the surface beauty of the landscapes.

Small Group Photography

Advantages of Small Group Tours

Personalized Attention from Expert Guides

One of the key advantages of small group tours is the personalized attention participants receive from expert guides. In a smaller setting, guides can tailor their guidance to the individual needs and skill levels of each photographer. This ensures that both beginners and seasoned photographers alike can benefit from specific tips, techniques, and insights that enhance their craft.

Flexibility and Customization of the Itinerary

Small groups allow for greater flexibility in the itinerary, enabling photographers to adapt to the dynamic conditions of the Kalahari. Whether it’s waiting for the perfect lighting conditions or spending more time at a particular location of interest, the flexibility afforded by small group tours ensures that participants can make the most of every photographic opportunity.

Intimate Group Dynamics Fostering Camaraderie

The camaraderie among participants in a small group adds a social dimension to the photography experience. Shared passion and a sense of community develop as photographers explore the Kalahari together. This not only enhances the overall enjoyment of the tour but also provides a collaborative environment where participants can learn from each other, exchange ideas, and share their unique perspectives.

Reduced Environmental Impact and Greater Access

Smaller groups inherently have a lower impact on the environment, aligning with sustainable and responsible tourism practices. This is particularly important in delicate ecosystems like the Kalahari, where minimizing human impact is crucial. Additionally, small groups can access remote locations that may be off-limits to larger tour groups, providing photographers with exclusive opportunities to capture untouched landscapes and wildlife.

Small Group Photography


There are so many things you will learn and get to see in the land of Kalahari, Africa. Small group photography tours are not just about becoming a professional photographer but also getting the opportunity to witness wildlife and amazing landscapes.

You will meet so many great people who share your ideas and passion for photography and wildlife. These tours are the best place to improve photography and create new memories with like-minded people. So, what are you waiting for? Join them and have one of the best days of your life.

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