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Helping my Husband to Overcome His Drug Addiction

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It has been a long and difficult journey and looking back I am very grateful to all care workers, therapists, and well-being experts from rehab in Birmingham for their help and support.

For years my husband used cannabis for relaxation over the weekend and treated it as not a big deal. After our second child was born my husband had a long-awaited promotion and his new position was way too stressful. His behavior changed. I was facing mood swings from euphoria to deep depression. By accident, I discovered he had started using heavier drugs.

I did not know what to do then and found the link https://www.rehabclinic.org.uk/locations/drug-alcohol-rehab-clinic-london/. I liked the description of what Serenity centers were offering. The centers work all over the UK. I decided to go and see everything myself.

I had a tour around my local facility and a long chat with the doctor and therapist. The trickiest thing was to approach my husband and convince him to go there together. I think that day when we had our conversation was the scariest in my life and I knew that the future of our family depended on it. My husband agreed to go but it was only the beginning of the demanding and complicated process. I am glad we were getting professional advice all the way.

The center treats every person differently and offers various schemes and treatments. During our second visit, I discovered that my husband was taking cocaine for more than two years. He tried other substances too. Considering this the doctors advised going inboard to undergo the intoxication program under their 24-hour supervision. It was a difficult period for us. The doctors from the center offered my husband some medication to help him cope with withdrawal symptoms. 

My husband started working with a therapist and visited some mindfulness classes. It was then when I noticed that his behavior started to change. He looked more like a person I met years ago. I had a couple of sessions with the therapist from the rehab myself to be better support for my husband.

My husband left the rehab and is on a year aftercare program now and I hope we have beaten his addiction forever.

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