PlayStation 5 Slim vs PlayStation 5 (original): Which One Wins?

Playstation 5 slim vs playstationoriginal 3
Playstation 5 slim vs playstationoriginal 3
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Hello, I am Riasad Moin and today I will be comparing the most popular console of 2023. Yes, I am talking about the PlayStation 5 Slim and PlayStation 5(original). Which one is better the old or the new? Let’s find it together.

What is PlayStation Slim?

The PS5 Slim is a newer version of the original PS5 console. It’s smaller, lighter, and more compact than the original model. The new console comes in two models: one that can play physical games using a removable disc drive and a cheaper digital edition for downloadable games purchased online.

First, let’s see the Design of the PlayStation Slim:

The dimensions of the PS5 Slim are 216mm deep, 96mm high, and 358mm wide. A removable disc drive is available for purchase separately and comes with the PS5 Slim. A 1TB SSD is included with the console as default. The black and white color combination of the sleek and contemporary PS5 Slim design.

Now let’s see the Design of the PlayStation Original:

The design of the original PlayStation 5 was created by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) under the theme of “Play Has No Limits”. The original PlayStation 5 has a width of approximately 390mm, a height of 104mm, and a depth of 260mm. The console weighs 4.5kg or 9.9 lbs. The entire team at SIE Design Center worked together to create a new concept of a universe that inspires gamers worldwide enhances the sense of immersion, and elevates the PlayStation brand itself. The PS5 was designed to feel at home in the modern living room. The console has many intricate facets, including its removable base and faceplates.

PlayStation 5 image


Blu-ray Disc Drive in Ultra HD

The PlayStation 5 (original) and PlayStation 5 Slim both can play games from both digital and physical media because they feature an Ultra HD Blu-ray player. Mark Cerny, the lead architect of the PS5, previously confirmed that PS5 games are going to ship on 100GB Blu-ray discs.


Original PlayStation 5:

The original PlayStation 5 has an internal storage capacity of 825 GB. However, only 667.2 GB of it is available for use after factoring in the space needed for the system software.

However, a 1TB SSD is included with the PlayStation 5 Slim as standard equipment. This indicates that compared to the original PS5, the PS5 Slim has a larger internal storage capacity.


 I found out, that both the original PS5 and the PS5 Slim have a custom 7nm system on chip (SoC) with an 8-core AMD Zen 2 CPU. The RAM for both versions remains the same (16GB of GDDR6 RAM). But the original PS5 has a faster GPU with 10.28 teraflops of power compared to the PS5 Slim’s 10.3 teraflops.

Release Date:

The original PS5 has already been published, and the PS5 Slim is scheduled to be in early 2024.

PlayStation 5 image


PlayStation 5 (original):

DualSense Wireless Controllers:

The DualSense controller is the official wireless controller for the PS5. It has an integrated microphone, adjustable triggers, and haptic feedback.

PS5 Console Covers:

The PS5 console has a unique design with a removable base and faceplates. The removable faceplates have led to several memorable user-customized PS5 console designs. The PS5’s faceplates are also interchangeable, which means that users can swap them out for different colors or designs.

PULSE 3D Wireless Headset:

The PULSE 3D wireless headset is the official wireless headset for the PS5. It features 3D audio technology and dual noise-cancelling microphones.

Media Remote:

The media remote is an official accessory for the PS5 that allows users to control their entertainment experience on the console. It features dedicated buttons for popular streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and Spotify.

DualSense Charging Station:

The DualSense charging station is an official accessory for the PS5 that allows users to charge up to two DualSense wireless controllers at once.

PlayStation 5 Slim:

The PS5 Slim comes with four separate cover panels with a glossy look on the top portion and matte on the bottom. Other than the sad part is that it hasn’t been released so we don’t have any information at this point until it is released.

Now let’s check Some things that make PlayStation 5 slim better than the original

•The PS5 Slim is slimmer, smaller, and lighter than the original PS5. With the disc, the PS5 Slim weighs 3.2 kg, which is 18% less than the previous version.

•The new PS5 Slim comes with a 1TB SSD as standard, which is an increase from the original PS5’s storage capacity of 825 GB

•Power Consumption: The new PS5 Slim uses less power than its predecessor.

•Noise Level: The new PS5 Slim is quieter than its predecessor.

Flow Chart compaing ps5 slim to ps5 original

Now let’s see things that make the PlayStation Original better than the Slim:

•while the RAM for both versions remains the same (16GB of GDDR6 RAM), the original PS5 has a faster GPU with 10.28 teraflops of power compared to the PS5 Slim’s 10.3 teraflops.

Accessories: –

The original PS5 has a range of console cover colors on offer, which are available now. This includes an all-matte black, volcanic red, cobalt blue, and sterling silver. More colors will come in the future.

Flow Chart compaing ps5 slim to ps5 original

The price:

The original PlayStation 5 was released with a price tag of $499.99 in the US and the same case for the slim version but we can’t be sure because it hasn’t been released yet.

My opinion

An updated iteration of the original PlayStation 5 is called the PS5 Slim. Compared to the previous generation, it is smaller, lighter, and more portable.  A detachable disc drive version for playing physical games and a less-priced digital version for downloading games from the internet are the two available variants of the new console. The PS5 Slim takes up less room because it is thirty percent smaller than the PS5 regular. A detachable disc drive can be bought now or later for the next console. The PS5 Slim provides more room for your favourite games right out of the box thanks to its 1TB SSD. All PS5 consoles will run the same games because the new system has the same internal capabilities as the previous PS5.

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