PlayStation 5 Slim: The Ultimate Gaming Console Review
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Greetings, my name is Riasad Moin, and today I will discuss a console that is quite popular in the modern world. The console I am talking about is the PlayStation 5 slim I’ll give this console a thorough comprehensive review to see what makes it excellent or poor.

The PS5 Slim is a newer version of the original PS5 console that is smaller, lighter, and more compact than the original model. The new console comes in two models: one that can play physical games using a removable disc drive and a cheaper digital edition for downloadable games purchased online. The PS5 Slim has a detachable disc drive that can be bought with the console or at a later date. The optional disc drive costs $80. The PS5 Slim has a 1TB SSD as standard, providing more room for your favourite games. The new console has the same internal capabilities as the original PS5, so games will run exactly the same across all PS5 consoles. The PS5 Slim with a disc drive costs $499, while the Digital Edition, minus the drive will be $449. And today I will talk about that so let’s jump into!

To start things up let’s talk about its design.

A more compact and lightweight variant of the original PlayStation 5 model is the PS5 Slim. Compared with the previous generation, it weighs 18% less. The dimensions of the PS5 Slim are 216mm deep, 96mm high, and 358mm wide. Comparing the console to the original PS5, the loudness is 30% lower. A removable disc drive is available for purchase separately and comes with the PS5 Slim. A 1TB SSD is included with the console as default. The black and white color combination of the sleek and contemporary PS5 Slim design.

Hardware of PlayStation 5 Slim

Compared to the original PS5, the PS5 Slim is thinner and lighter. Default storage is a 1TB SSD. The same CPU and GPU seen in the original PS5 are also found in the PS5 Slim. Just like the original PS5, it has 16GB of GDDR6 RAM. At 1TB storage as opposed to 825GB, the PS5 Slim SSD is bigger than the original PS5’s.

Let’s see the specs of the CPU, GPU, and RAM of this PlayStation.


Oberon is the name of the PlayStation 5 Slim’s GPU. the is based on the RDNA 2.0 architecture and is manufactured by AMD. It contains a 256-bit memory bus, 16 GB of GDDR6 RAM, and 2304 cores. It consumes 180 W of electricity and operates at a frequency of 2233 MHz 4K gaming and ray tracing are supported. Its GPU is comparable to that of the original PS5, but its 1 TB SSD is bigger.


The PS5 Slim and the regular PS5 have the same CPU. The CPU is an AMD Ryzen Zen 2 with 16 threads and 8 cores. Up to 3.5 GHz of variable frequency operation is possible. With its strong CPU, it can manage demanding games and apps.


The 16GB GDDR6 RAM of the PlayStation 5 Slim is identical to that of the PS5 original. High-speed memory technology called GDDR6 is frequently seen in gaming systems. It helps shorten game load times and offers quick access to data. A 256-bit memory bus and the RAM in the PS5 Slim enable quick data transmission between the CPU and GPU. As a result, gaming is responsive and fluid. All things considered, the PS5 Slim has strong RAM that works well for demanding apps and games.



The PS5 Slim is a newer console and may not have as many games available as the original PS5. However, it is compatible with all PS5 games. Some of the exclusive titles available on the PS5 Slim include Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Demon’s Souls, and Returnal. These games are optimized for the PS5’s hardware and take advantage of its advanced features, such as ray tracing and haptic feedback.

Ratchet & Clank:

Rift Apart: A 3D platformer and shooter game with cooperative play and interdimensional travel. PlayStation Studios is the publisher, and Insomniac Games is in charge of development.

Demon’s Souls:

This is an action role-playing game that has a dark fantasy backdrop and tough fighting. Sony Interactive Entertainment publishes it, while From Software develops it. It is a reimagining of the same named game from 2009.


this is a sci-fi horror game with bullet hell and roguelike gameplay that includes a time loop. Sony Interactive Entertainment publishes it, while Housemarque develops it. It’s only available on the PlayStation 5.


Price of PlayStation slim:

The PS5 Slim costs $399.99. It is cheaper than the original PS5 ($499.99). The Xbox Series X costs $499 The PS5 Slim has more storage and power than the Xbox Series X. The PS5 Slim has the same hardware as the original PS5. It can play all PS5 games. There are no deals or discounts for the PS5 Slim yet.

Comparing PlayStation to Xbox series X

Tips and tricks:

Employ the stand: To keep your PS5 steady and stop it from toppling over, use the stand at all times.

File transfers from your PS4: To transfer games, preferences, and other data from your PS4 to your PS5, utilize an Ethernet cable.

Check to see how long you have been playing the game. The number of hours you’ve spent playing PlayStation games is visible when you choose Profile on the PS5 home screen.

Customize your control Center: By modifying the control center, you may add or remove features that you frequently use.

Utilize Activities: Activities let you skip menu navigation and go right into certain game sections.

Disable trophy videos: In order to free up disc space on your PS5, you may disable trophy videos. From the PS5 home screen, choose Profile to view your playtime and other gameplay statistics.

I hope these pointers assist you in making the most of your PS5!

UI or User Interface:

The user interface of the PS5 Slim is elegant and contemporary1. It is simple to navigate and utilize. Features can be added or removed from the control center. Additionally, the PS5 Slim boasts a function called “Activities” that lets you bypass menu navigation and get straight into particular game segments. All things considered, the PS5 Slim’s user interface is attractive and easy to use.

holding a controller


PlayStation 5 Pro Speculation:

Some people have assumed the existence of a PlayStation 5 Pro, which is not officially confirmed or announced at my last knowledge update in January 2022. This is a common topic of discussion in the gaming community, as console manufacturers often release upgraded versions of their gaming systems.

Digital-Only Model:

People also speculated that the PlayStation 5 Pro might be sold as a digital-only model, which means it wouldn’t have an optical disc drive. This approach can be cost-effective because it eliminates the need for a physical drive, reducing production costs and potentially making the console more affordable.

Compatibility with Optical Drives:

The potential digital-only model would be designed to accommodate an optical disc drive. This could mean that Sony might offer an add-on or optional attachment for those who still want to use physical discs. This approach would be interesting and would cater to users who prefer physical media.

Performance and Cost Considerations:

The people also Implies that by allowing users to add an optical drive, the extra performance of the PlayStation 5 Pro can be mitigated, potentially to keep the cost down. This could be a strategy to appeal to a wider range of consumers, including those who value higher performance and those who want a more budget-friendly option.

In summary, the people are speculating and opinion about a potential PlayStation 5 Pro model and its marketing strategy. While these ideas are interesting and reflect some of the discussions and debates surrounding the gaming community, the actual details of any future PlayStation console release would be up to Sony to officially announce.

My Opinion About PlayStation 5 slim

A wonderful system that provides an exciting gaming experience is the PlayStation 5 Slim. Compared to the original PS5, it is now lighter and smaller, making storage and transportation simpler. The console’s hardware characteristics are strong and ideal for demanding applications and games. Since the PlayStation 5 Slim shares the same CPU and GPU as the original PS5, its gaming performance is comparable. The clean and contemporary UI of the console makes it simple to use and manage. You can add or delete features that you use regularly from the control center. Furthermore, the console boasts a function called “Activities” that lets you bypass menu navigation and go straight into particular game sections. Overall, the PS5 Slim is an excellent console that is well worth the investment.

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