Productivity Starts at Home: Secrets to a Better Home Office

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Home Office 1
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More people are working from home now than ever, thanks to the wonders of the internet and how computers and laptops continue to develop affordable yet high-performance models. However, working from doesn’t mean having a cluttered and boring home office space. Whether you own a business that you manage from home, do freelance jobs for various clients, or prefer to work remotely more often, you will need an office room you enjoy working in.

Home Office
Home Office

Home Office Decor Tips to Boost Your Productivity

If you’ve wondered how to be more productive at work, you must focus on the functionality and aesthetics of your home office space. Here are a few pointers that you can follow to upgrade your home office design:

Determine a Motif for your Room

Before you get anything for your room, you need to determine what your room will look like. A motif will help you have an overall theme for your room while keeping it consistent and uniform, making it appear more pleasing to the eye.

Use a Long Desk

Running out of space on your desk can be frustrating, especially if you constantly multitask. It would be best to have a more extended deck to organize your immediate working space. A long table gives you enough space for notebooks, calendars, laptops, business cards, and more without having them on each other. It also gives you more space to add decor to keep it less monotonous.

Long Desk

Set Up a Mood Board

A mood board can help you visualize what you want when generating ideas. A mood board is a collage of images created to help artists visualize the overlapping theme of a project. While this can be done on a computer (with the help of an app like Pinterest), nothing can beat the effectiveness of physically pinning a bunch of printed images and various textures on a corkboard. This can also double as a reminder board, depending on its size.

Image Collages

It is emphasized that the idea of a collage of images is a distinctive and useful tool for increasing output. You can put together this collage with anything from motivational quotes to personal photos. It will always remind you of your goals and dreams. Making a workspace that works isn’t enough; you also need to make it a place that inspires and drives you.

Get a Comfy Chair

Having the ideal chair can make or break an office space since you will probably spend your time sitting on one. Consider getting the most comfortable chair for your office space to give you proper support while working. Choosing what material your chair is made of is also a consideration. For example, leather chairs are easier to clean but not ideal for hotter climates, while polyester chairs are considerably cheaper and just as comfy. You may also want to experiment with woven chairs if it fits the motif of your room. Also, consider getting back pillows to help you correctly posture while sitting on your chair.

Get a Handcrafted Area Rug

Area rugs aren’t just decor that can enhance the floor of your room. Rugs and carpets can also define spaces and create a frame for where to place the office furniture in your room. Additionally, many prefer rugs over wall-to-wall carpeting since they are easier to clean, mix, and match.

Handcrafted Area Rug

Let the Light In

Another factor affecting productivity is the amount of light inside a room. Natural light lessens the feeling of tiredness or boredom and instead makes one feel fresh and energized. Utilize natural lighting in your home office space to help prevent headaches, drowsiness, and eye strains while also making your room appear less clinical and look more inviting.

Add Plants & Other Greenery

Another factor you might want to consider in sprucing up your home office space is adding other natural elements, like potted plants or succulents, to break the monotony of your furniture. Plants add a splash of color to your room while ridding it of pollutants and other chemical vapors that can harm you. Give your room flowers or plants a fresh and clean look.

room flowers

Make It Work: Build Yourself a Productive Home Office

It would be best to have a focused but calm mind to increase your productivity while working. From getting your rugs and other decors to arranging your furniture according to how you want them, a neat and functional home office space can go a long way for you and your work. You will spend countless hours inside this room, so why not go the extra mile and have it the way you want it, right?

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