5 Quick Steps to Selling Your Air Miles

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There’s a list of valid reasons people try to rack up as many airline miles as possible. Also called frequent flier miles, these “points,” as some airlines refer to them, are your gateway to the world of free flights. Did you also know you can book a room in your dream hotel with airline miles?

And that’s not all. Airline miles can help you score some extra cash, enabling you to settle your bills on time, acquire the kitchen appliance you’ve been eyeing, and more. But to do that, you must sell the air miles. If you’re wondering how, you can do that, read on. Here are 5 easy and convenient ways to earn money from putting your airline miles on the market.

How Airline Miles are Calculated?

To get the most out of your benefits, you must first understand how airline miles are calculated. The distance you fly is the most essential factor in determining how many miles you earn, although other factors like booking class and elite status can also impact. Airlines, for example, typically provide more miles for economy, business, and first-class tickets.

Airline Miles

Additionally, frequent passengers with select groups may receive extra miles in addition to their primary miles. However, only some miles are equal because each airline and alliance has its mileage scheme. As a result, to maximize your travel experiences and earn more valuable miles, you need to learn about your preferred airline’s earning structure.

How Many Miles Buys a Flight?

You might wonder how many miles you must redeem for your ideal flight if you’re a regular flier. The answer is not straightforward because it is dependent on several things. Your destination is one of the most crucial. International and long-haul trips will require more miles than domestic and short-haul flights.

Another consideration is the airline you select. Because each airline has its own mileage program and redemption rates, you must compare them to discover the best bargain. Your adaptability is a third component. You can save some miles if you travel on off-peak days and times.

The idea is to maximize your miles and locate the sweet spot that allows you to fly to your favorite vacation without spending too much money. Before you book a flight with miles, do some research to determine how many miles you require.

Easy Air Miles Sale: 5 Steps to Cash

There are numerous options for maximizing your airline miles. Depending on your choices and needs, you can enjoy a variety of bonuses and prizes with your miles. This tutorial will provide five simple and convenient ways to maximize your miles.

You’ll discover how to use mileage brokers online marketplaces, trade with pals, navigate the grey market, and redeem your miles for cashback benefits. We have you covered whether you want to earn extra cash, access fantastic travel options, or find inventive ways to spend your points. Let’s get started and see how you maximize your frequent flier miles.

1. Take Advantage of Miles Brokers

One of the fastest ways to sell your miles for cash is to use websites dedicated to helping you trade your points. These miles brokers usually have a procedure you must follow for a successful sale. To begin with, you must fill in a form to provide details such as the number of miles you want to sell or the type of program you want to sign up for.

Also, note that with these websites, there’s no fixed price for a mile. In fact, the rates may change often, depending on factors like the demand for the points. Either way, you’ll want to ensure you get top dollar for your frequent flier miles. As such, ensure the miles brokers offer that and other convenient features.

Cash in Air Miles

For example, the best mile brokers should promise anonymity and security. Without it, you could clash with your airline because most companies frown upon this practice. Moreover, third parties could access your personal information if you sell your airline miles through platforms that don’t prioritize security.

2. Use Other Online Marketplaces

Apart from miles brokers, you can also find other websites that can help you earn cash from your frequent flier miles. The customers you’ll likely find on these platforms are individuals planning to redeem the miles for gift cards.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to do your homework to discover the best rates for airline miles on these websites. Also, some buyers may want to charge you a fee to purchase your points. Find out such information before making the transactions.

3. Sell Miles to Friends

Bartering airline miles with a friend or relative is another route to make easy cash. In this case, your best candidate can be someone who enjoys traveling. The miles can largely benefit them since they can trade them for a vacation, hotel accommodation, or a free flight.

The process of transferring your miles to your friends is straightforward. Most platforms have a “Transfer Miles” page that provides the steps to follow. Make sure to only move a number within the limitation the frequent flier program has set. You must also pay a specific fee for the process to be successful.

Selling to Friends

Nevertheless, selling your airline miles to a friend has various perks. For starters, they might give you a better offer than many mileage brokers. You can also negotiate to agree on a price suitable for all parties. Plus, the procedure will likely be smoother since you might already trust each other.

4. Sell Airline Miles on The Gray Market

Here’s another convenient option to consider when selling your airline miles. The gray market refers to Facebook marketplaces or groups dedicated to helping users earn cash from their points. Most offer a large community of travel enthusiasts hoping to accumulate miles to facilitate their adventures. As a result, you can easily find a buyer for your frequent flier miles.

Even so, remember that the gray market is nothing like frequent flier programs or trusted friends. Therefore, your chances of being duped are high, begging the need to be cautious before selecting the airline mile buyer to work with.

Have you considered transferring your miles to someone else? It’s best first to figure out who they are. A brief look at their Facebook profile might reveal much about their personality and habits.

If a potential buyer created their account only hours before expressing interest in acquiring your airline miles, be careful. They might not be who they claim to be. Another red flag is when a buyer has not uploaded a single photo of themselves and refuses to transact outside the platform. 

5. Redeem Miles for Cashback Rewards

Suppose any of the methods above don’t work for you; consider redeeming your airline miles for cashback rewards. In most cases, cashback is awarded in dollars, making this strategy great for putting money into your pocket.

Before redeeming your frequent flier miles for cashback rewards, you must first decide the best way to do it. Access your online account and check your redeeming options. Alternatively, call the number on the back of your airline miles card to discover those details.


Note that the redeeming requirements may depend on the type of card you have and the amount you can earn. For instance, some cards might require users to redeem a minimum of $25 cash back.


Once you’re ready to sell your miles, mull over these ways, as they can help you increase your bank balance. Several aspects must be considered to make the best decision. Some of them are your personal preferences and the prices.

For example, a friend may give you more for your frequent flier miles than a mileage broker. Therefore, they could be the most convenient choice when you want to bring in as much as possible.

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