SSC Result 2019 Check Online | Dhaka Education Board [100% Sure]

SSC Result 2019 Check Online | Dhaka Education Board [100% Sure]

SSC result 2019 is the hot topic of Bangladesh now. Most of the candidates who gave SSC exam is looking for the SSC result Bangladesh all over the internet. Many students called us for providing the SSC result early before the official publication of SSC result. We do not make sure that we can give the result one day before the actual result day. But as like before we can try to provide the Dhaka Board SSC result 2019.

ssc result 2019
Education Board Bangladesh official website

SSC Result 2019 Check Online

As we have published a result post of SSC result 2019 of all Education Board, we decided not to give any further post of SSC result. But later we decided that Dhaka Board SSC result candidate should get some priority from us. The whole students of Dhaka board are much higher than all the other boards. SSC result of Dhaka board 2019 can be found on two different official websites. One of them is an, and another one is

Official result website got down for colossal visitor load, and you cannot get the result on the result from the official result website of Bangladesh. Our hosting platform is using the cloud infrastructure which is taken from Boss host BD. So we can accommodate more than 50000+ concurrent visitors at a time to show the result of SSC 2019 to Dhaka board examinee.

Dhaka Education Board

We can give the Dhaka Board result in 2 ways. One will be an institution based which only shows the GPA number of individual SSC candidate. This is the official result which is sent to the institution. To get that result you should submit the school EIIN number. After you have provided your school EIIN number, we will get the result for you.

We can provide the EIIN number of all the school of Bangladesh of all the districts. Please download the excel file which contains all the EIIN number of school. After downloading the excel file, you have to search your school name in the excel file and give me the EIIN number you want.

All Institution EIIN Number

Another method of getting the SSC result 2019 of Dhaka board is going through the app method. E Board result has a different app for an individual result. Each student has a unique registration number and roll number to fetch their result. The app result which provided by the has got own full mark sheet.

Full mark sheet SSC result 2019 can be fetched by this method earlier than the official website analysis the individual subject wise result. Particular subject wise SSC result 2019 will be uploaded in the evening on the same day of result Publication.

If you want to check your individual SSC result, you should stick with the APP student of e Board result. Many people ask me to check whether he got Golden A plus or not in SSC 2019. The individual result in other board is published earlier than Dhaka board.

With previous year experience, we can say that if you want to get the SSC result fast without getting any interruption by the internet, you can try through the SMS method they have provided. Grameenphone, Ruby, Airtel all the telecommunication company provided the SSC result 2019 through SMS and they collected the result one hour earlier than the usual 2 p.m. Result announcement time.

SMS Method to Know the SSC Result

So it will be an intelligent idea if you have applied through their SMS system method; in case you have not got a chance to check your result through the internet.

If you are not satisfied with your SSC result in 2019, you can recheck your exam paper. To recheck your SSC result, we have already published a detailed instruction about how you can we check your SSC result 2019 result. Just one thing to remember to recheck your result, you need a Teletalk Sim.

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Last of all hope for the best. After getting the result, you should decide about HSC admission 2019 in a reputed college. We have the plan to publish the best ten colleges of previous year rating of different districts. Now the HSC admission 2019 procedure will be entirely online based depending on the result you have achieved in SSC result in 2019. You have to apply for HSC admission by SMS method.

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