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There are four Public Exams available in Bangladesh. The first one starts after completing Primary School. While a Student will complete class Five Study, they will attend the PSC Exam, which is the First public Exam in Bangladesh. After that, two Public Exams are available in the Secondary School.


One is JSC, and another is SSC. JSC Exam is after completing the Study of Class Eight. Many Schools have where Maximum Class is Eight. So, these Schools allow the JSC Exam only from their School. SSC Exam holds on after completing the Secondary School. Another Public Exam is available in Bangladesh is HSC.

In this Content, We will describe the SSC Exam and Basically SSC Result 2021 of Bangladesh. The Full Form of SSC is Secondary School Certificate. It is the third public Exam in Bangladesh. We already notified you that the Exam has held after completing the Secondary School study. Every year, SSC Exam started in early February and finished in the same month. Several times, it also holds in March, where the maximum Government Holiday has in February. Now, Read the unknown words about SSC Exam and SSC Result 2021, which may play significant value to you.

SSC Result 2021 in Bangladesh:

We are making this Sub Heading because SSC Exam is also available in India, Pakistan, and also in some other countries. So, The Bangladeshi users can find out the SSC Result 2021 of Bangladesh all education Boards quickly. There are 10 Education Board in Bangladesh which provides the SSC and Equivalent Result. Two official Result portals are available where the users can check their Results.

The Result of Bangladesh, especially SSC Result BD, publishes on three Different Processes. These are Online, Mobile SMS, and App. The online system allows checking individual Results, Institution results, and more. Mobile SMS System will provide your SSC Exam Result quickly at the same time as Online. Android Smartphone users are eligible to check their Results from the Official App of BD Results. Currently, this app isn’t available on the Google Play Store. You can download the App from Different APK Download Website.

Let’s follow the system you may like and check your SSC Result 2021. In the below, all process details data is available. We recommend you to follow the Online Process to check your Result quickly.

SSC Result 2021 Online:

Here is the step by step guideline we are providing to help all SSC Examinees and Guardian. The people didn’t check their Results online before, and they can check the trending SSC Result 2021 quickly by following our instructions. Most importantly, you need to follow all steps serially. Firstly, Visit from your Internet Device, and secondly complete these tasks.

  1. Examination: SSC/Dakhil
  2. Year: Select 2021 from Passing Year Drop-Down menu.
  3. Board: Select Your Education Board Name.
  4. Roll: Type your 6 Digits of SSC Roll Number.
  5. Registration: Type your SSC Registration Number.
  6. Human Verification: Type the Math Answer (on the box)
  7. Finally, Click on the Submit Button

If you complete the above Task, your SSC Result will become visible on your Device Screen. While the Result publishes time, you may find this server down or slow loading. If you see this problem continuously, kindly follow the alternative method to check the SSC Result 2021 quickly.

SSC Result 2021 by SMS:

Mobile SMS system is the Second most popular methods for checking the SSC Exam Result 2021. Many people call it the Alternative of Online. When someone can’t check the Result Online or doesn’t have an Internet connection or smart device can use this system to check the Result. With the Mobile SMS system, All Education Board SSC Result 2021 can check shortly from the server. This is powered by Teletalk Bangladesh Limited. SMS Charge of BDT 2.44 Taka will be charged for each message.

If you are ready to send the message to check SSC Result 2021 of Bangladesh, You need to follow this SMS system. There is no alternative for this SMS System. The Authority has made this only SMS system to check the Result quickly.

SSC <> Board <> Roll <> Year

First, go to the Mobile Message option and type SSC. Then, tape on the space button and type the First Three Letters of your Education Board Name. Again, tape on the spacebar and type your 6 Digits SSC Roll Number. Finally, tape on the Space again and type 2021.

This is the official Mobile SMS system for all Education board. Once the Result is published, you need to send the message quickly to 16222 from your Mobile Number. You can use any Mobile Phone and SIM card to send the message. Return SMS will be delivered to your Mobile inbox soon.

SSC Grading System 2021:

SSC Result GPA Making and Grading system is also important to the users. The users want to calculate their Expected GPA with is a process. Here are the Grade Point, Mark Range, and other information. So, calculate your GPA by the below Table.

Marks Range Grade Points Letter Grade
80 to 100 Marks 5.00 A+
70 to 79 Marks 4.00 A
60 to 69 Marks 3.50 A-
50 to 59 Marks 3.00 B
40 to 49 Marks 2.00 C
33 to 39 Marks 1.00 D
0 to 32 Marks 0.00 F

The CGPA Calculate system is also easy. Just find out your all subject GPA and count them. Then divide by the total Subjects (Expect Optional Subject). You need to add an Optional Subject GPA, which more than 2.00. It means while a Candidate will get a GPA of 5.00 in the Optional Subject will be added 3.00 with the GPA Count.

There is many information available about the SSC Result 2021 Bangladesh, which needs to know. Unfortunately, we can’t provide all of this information in this content. We will publish another content very soon for you, where we will describe the SSC Marksheet Download system, including the Number (Marks) of each subject. Board Challenge and other info will also get on our upcoming content. Stay with us to see the update quickly. Thanks for reading.

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