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Sylhet Travel Guide

The Ultimate Sylhet Travel Guide: 10 Must-See Places

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Explore Sylhet, a captivating city in northeastern Bangladesh, with our ultimate travel guide. Discover ten must-see places, including the tranquil Ratargul Swamp Forest, breathtaking Jaflong, historic Shahjalal University, and stunning Madhabkunda Waterfall. Perfect for nature lovers and history enthusiasts, Sylhet offers serene landscapes, cultural landmarks, and spiritual sites. Dive into this enchanting destination and experience what Sylhet has to offer. Plan your trip now!


Located in northeastern Bangladesh, Sylhet is a lovely city that is great for people who love nature and history. Without the noise and chaos of the city, Sylhet is a great spot to relax with its hills, big tea fields, and long cultural past. Whatever kind of person you are—an adventurer looking for new things to do or someone who wants to unwind—Sylhet has something for you. Let’s check out the most amazing places in Sylhet.

Ratargul Swamp Forest

Imagine gliding through a maze of trees while the still waters of a swamp forest surround you. For you, Ratargul! Although it is one of the few in Bangladesh, this freshwater swamp forest has a unique environment full of different plants and animals. They watch birds fly around and fish swim below, which is relaxing on this boat ride. Beyond this world, nature rules supreme.


Sometimes called the “Daughter of Nature,” Jaflong is a beautiful place to visit. Surrounded by the Meghalaya Hills and the Piyain River, Jaflong has stunning views that look like they belong in a picture. There are many beautiful resorts also. With its clear waters, the river is a great place to cool off or take a relaxing boat ride. Locals are gathering stones from the stream, a unique sight you’ll see as your way round.

Jaflong is situated at the foothills of the Meghalaya Hills in Sylhet, Bangladesh, near the border with India.

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST)

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) is also a lovely spot to visit, even though its main job is to teach. There are many open spaces on campus, a big pond, and many plants that students and tourists can rest in. That place is great for calming walks, loving the peace, and watching birds.


Obvious blue water, a rare sight in Bangladesh, makes Lalakhal a stunning natural wonder. Mountains and tea fields surround Lalakhal, making it a beautiful place to go boating. The breathtaking scenery around the clear blue water is a visual treat, making it an excellent place for nature photos and a peaceful escape from the busy city life.

Hazrat Shah Jalal Mazar Sharif

Hazrat Shah Jalal Mazar Sharif is a well-known holy site that both tourists and pilgrims come to see. People pray at and learn about history at the shrine of the respected Sufi saint Hazrat Shah Jalal. Explore the mosque, the shrine, and the area around them to feel spiritual and learn about the site’s long history. The site’s primary Sufi site in Sylhet is dedicated to Hazrat Shah Paran, Hazrat Shah Jalal’s nephew. The Jalal’sl and spiritual environment of this mazar is well-known—the shrine’s building inshrines, with intricate patterns that show off the area’s rich cultural area. There is peace and spiritual energy in the area.

Madhabkunda Waterfall

Madhabkunda Waterfall is incredible. It is the biggest waterfall in Bangladesh. The waterfall is visually and audibly impressive, falling from a height of 200 feet. Lush green woods are all around, making it an excellent place for hiking, picnicking, and even swimming in the pool at the base of the falls.


Tamabil is near the border between India and Bangladesh, with beautiful views of the Meghalaya Hills and the Dawki River. You can enjoy the stunning scenery and peaceful atmosphere in this quiet place. Along the border, people can enjoy themselves and often see how locals go about their daily lives in this one-of-a-kind territory.


Visitors who love tea should go to Srimangal, the tea capital of Bangladesh. Some of the country’s oldest tea countries are displayed on these vast grounds. In addition to tea fields, Srimangal is home to the Lawachara National Park, a wildlife sanctuary, and the peaceful Madhabpur Lake, a superb place to relax.

Pangthumai Waterfall

Secreted away, Pangthumai Waterfall is a peaceful spot away from the people. This waterfall is in a quiet place, surrounded by lush greenery and close to the border with India. Enjoy nature in peace at this fantastic location.


Assam’s Sylhet is fascinating. It has an exquisite nature, exciting history, and spiritual importance. Sylhet’s attractions include the peaceful Ratargul Swamp Forest and the stunning Madhabkunda Waterfall. Sylhet has everything you could want: thrilling activities, peace, or a deep dive into the city’s past and culture; gather your belongings and get ready to discover Sylhet’s beautiful and fascinating history. There will be no disappointment!


1. When is the time to go to Sylhet?

Winter is the best time to visit Sylhet because the weather is cool and pleasant.

2. Ways to get to Sylhet?

You can fly, train, or drive to get to Sylhet. The city’s Osmacity regional airport is connected to other big towns. Additionally, you can quickly get to Sylhet by train or bus.

3. What needs to be brought to Sylhet?

Since temperatures can change, bring comfortable clothes for warm and cool weather. Do not forget to bring comfortable walking shoes, a hat, sunscreen, bug spray, and a camera to record the stunning views.

4. Is walking around in Sylhet safe?

Sylhet is usually a safe place for guests. But take standard safety steps when you travel. Knowing your surroundings, keeping your things safe, and not going alone at night in places you don’t know are all great strategies.

5. Is it possible to see all of these places on one trip?

Visiting all these places in one trip is possible, but it would need a lot of planning. Your stay may dictate that you focus on the areas that interest you the most and spread out your visits to get the most out of each place.

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