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There are many new, cutting-edge medical technologies associated with elder care as well as innovative therapies that are focused on enhancing and lengthening the lives of seniors. One such technology that positively affects a senior’s quality of life is the prospect of using virtual reality.  Virtual reality technology has been used in recent years for different types of care, including pain management, treatment of PTSD, and to help those with concussion or memory loss. Compelling articles outline how these therapeutic avenues can improve care while engaging seniors through technology to improve their lives.  How can virtual reality help the physical movement for seniors? The largest cause of injury-related mortality in seniors is from falls. In fact, in the U.S. nearly 10,000 people die due to falling related-injury every year. Falls are very common, affecting nearly half of all people over 65 years old.  To lower the risk of falling, therapists…

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The results of the Ministry of Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED), Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), Bangladesh Development Research Institute (BIDS) and UNICEF survey were published on Thursday, with no preoccupation with mothers. In May and July of 2016, this survey was conducted among 200,000 families in 64 districts of the country. According to the survey, only one in six mothers in the country would take pre-service. However, the rates of mothers in the city are high, one in three. Ante-Natal Service Should be Reassured Before Delivery According to the rules, a mother has to take pre-prenatal services at least four times to avoid maternal complications. Although there are advantages to taking this service within two kilometers, the rate of return is less. And in many places, there are no benefits. It is found in the survey that fewer young people (less than 18) and older (over 41) have…

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