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As precious as our eyes and our vision are to us, many people don’t really do much to protect them or even pay attention to their eye health until there’s a problem. We stare at the sun without sunglasses, don’t eat enough foods rich in just the right nutrients, we rub our eyes with unwashed hands and watch TV until we can’t keep our eyes open anymore. Although this sort of reckless behavior can lead to different eye problems, even if we take all the precautions, there’s no guarantee that our eyes will remain completely healthy. Here are some of the most common eye issues and suggestions on how to treat them.   Red eyes Red eyes are a condition in which the white of your eye, or sclera, doesn’t appear white at all, but rather red and bloody. Your sclera can be completely red or pink, or it can…

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Beautiful Eye

If you want your eyes will work correctly, then you have to give some nourishment to your eyes. Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E with Copper and Zinc help to increase the power of the eye. lasik eye surgery is now very popular who got higher refraction and have to use high power spectacles. Ultraviolet rays from the Sun destroy the most sensitive cells of the eye which is called macula. With increasing age, the cells of the macula are getting lower, and the power of our eyes got diminished. The antioxidants fight against the cell destruction of the macula. Green vegetables, pumpkins, carrot, sweet potatoes and egg yolk contain an enormous amount of antioxidants. Cataract is a common problem for aged people. If you want to prevent cataract, you should take Sulphur, cysteine and lecithin-containing foods. Those are abundant in onions and garlic. Blueberry, grapes, small fish and codfish…

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