Top 10 Tips to Dominate with Titan Packing Kits

Titan Paint spray
Titan Paint spray
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When the rod in your airless paint sprayer goes up and down, packings in the sprayer help prevent more expensive metal components from wearing out. They also aid in making sure that the paint or coating can only move inside the cylinder. These two features are crucial because they affect how well your airless Titan paint sprayer performs and operates. You can make sure your airless paint sprayer works efficiently for as long as possible by choosing the right packing arrangement for it. Three criteria will determine which packings are the most appropriate. The coating’s or fluid’s chemical makeup comes first, followed by the chemical’s abrasive quality and whether or not it will be heated while being sprayed.

Overview of the Titan 440

  • The most popular sprayer in the market has been enhanced with more features and capabilities.
  • Designed to consistently spray 50–100 gallons each week
  • Quad+ PackingsTM helps protect the primary sealing lip and piston from abrasive coatings while in use.
  • With AutoOilerTM, you may apply oil directly from the reservoir to the packings by pressing a button.
  • The SurefloTM Pusher Valve can be used to release a jammed lower ball valve without the need for a hammer.
  • Fast Clean and Electronic Pressure Control speed up the cleaning and flushing process.
  • The PermaLifeTM Cylinder never needs to be replaced since it is unbreakable.

Using the Titan 440 Paint Sprayer

Press a button on the Titan 440 paint sprayer to transfer oil directly from the reservoir to the packing using AutoOilerTM. The Sureflo Pusher Valve lets you access a blocked lower ball valve without the need for a hammer (available on some systems). Cleaning and flushing can be accelerated with the use of an electronic pressure control equipped with rapid cleaning. The PermaLifeTM Cylinder never needs to be replaced since it is constructed with a full-size manifold filter. Any standard architectural primer, paint, or finish can be applied with ease. The best-selling sprayer in the market has been improved with new features and increased performance.

Titan 440

Titan Packing Kits: Your Top 10 Success Guide

To use Titan packing kits you have to fix these issues.

1. The Device isn’t Functional

Attach the gadget. Circuit breaker reset. Turn the pressure control knob clockwise to activate the gadget and increase the pressure setting. Check or send to a repair facility authorized by Titan. Let the engine cool down. Turn the switch from ON to OFF.

2. The Piece Is Unwilling to Prime

Turn the PRIME/SPRAY valve clockwise to place the Titan 440 paint sprayer in PRIME mode. Examine and tighten or re-tape the suction set to the siphon tube connection using PTFE tape. Remove and clean the element of the pump filter. Clean the intake screen after removing it. After taking off the suction set and siphon tubing, clean. You can also use a 440 repacking kit.

3. The Unit is not Producing or Maintaining any Pressure

As directed by the spray gun’s instructions, replace the spray tip. It should be replaced with a spray tip with a smaller aperture. observing the spray gun’s directions that were included.

Rotate the pressure control knob clockwise to increase the pressure setting. Remove and clean the element of the pump filter. Clean it after removing the gun filter. After removing the inlet screen, tidy up. It is necessary to replace or clear the PRIME/SPRAY valve. Check the suction set to the siphon tube connection, and tighten or replace any PTFE tape that may have come loose. Inspect every connection for any exterior leaks. Make sure all of the connections on the Titan 440 paint sprayer are snug.

Packaging Considerations for Abrasive Materials

The majority of airless paint sprayers come with a standard packing set made of UHMWPE and leather, which generally wears down more slowly owing to abrasion. It may be worthwhile to switch to leather/UHMWPE if your set is currently made of UHMWPE rather than leather, as this will extend the life of your packing. The UHMWPE packing endures a longer lifespan due to the cushioning and flexing properties of the leather.

Titan Packing Kits


The chemical makeup of the coating or fluid you plan to spray is the second thing to think about. Because PTFE resists chemical effects better than UHMWPE, it is frequently required for coatings that tend to be more chemically aggressive. It is occasionally necessary to blend UHMPWE and PTFE to give protection against both abrasive problems and chemical composition. Checking out Graco’s chemical compatibility chart here is one guaranteed way to make sure your packing set is appropriate for your spray application. You can enter the chemical that makes up your coating to get the ideal packing material in terms of chemical resistance.


It is necessary to take into account not only the coating’s abrasive and chemical makeup but also the possibility of heat spraying the material. Heat-treated materials can be used in a range of applications, such as coatings that are heated to reduce the need for solvents. The heat resistance of PTFE packings is often better (heat is defined as 140F or above). They do not, however, handle abrasion well. You may reduce the expense of equipment repair by using the right packing for your airless paint sprayer, which will provide longer-lasting performance.

Is titan440 paint spray better than titan840 paint?

The Titan 840 is more effective at spraying paint than the Titan 440. In truth, the 840 is a more powerful sprayer intended for larger work. It is a more upgraded and powerful spray. The Titan 440 is a fantastic choice for do-it-yourselfers and minor projects. You can use it for your household work. It is well-known for its small size, accessibility, and simplicity. You can use this electric spray on any metal object.

In contrast, the Titan 840 offers more power and capacity. It can handle heavier materials and wider areas. That makes it perfect for professional contractors and regular consumers. Titan 840 works faster than Titan 440. Your needs determine the best option. If you are doing modest jobs around the house, the 440 might be ideal. However, the 840’s greater power might be more appropriate for heavy-duty applications. You should choose any one spray depending on your needs.

How do you clean a Titan paint sprayer?

It is essential to clean your Titan paint sprayer immediately after using it to keep it working well and avoid obstructions. The overall technique entails flushing the system with water or the proper solvent for your paint type. You should clean up the spray so that you can use it again.

First, protect yourself by using gloves and safety glasses. After removing the pressure, separate the siphon tube and return the hose. Place the siphon tube in a clean water or solvent container and the return hose in a garbage container. You have to complete this step very carefully. Please turn on the sprayer at low pressure and let it run until the paint has cleared and the cleaning fluid of your choice has been released.

Next, use the spray gun. It helps you to clean the coagulation dust. Point it at a rubbish container and activate it to eject any residual paint. Repeat the flushing process with clean water until only clear liquid indicates a clean system. Thus, you can easily clean your spray within a few times. Check your Titan sprayer’s manual for particular directions and cleaning solutions for your paint kind.


Most airless paint sprayers include a typical packing set that is composed of leather and UHMWPE, which ages more slowly due to abrasion. If your set is now constructed of UHMWPE instead of leather, it might be worth switching to leather/UHMWPE as this will prolong the life of your packing. Because of the leather’s bending and cushioning qualities, UHMWPE packing lasts longer.

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