Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Revenue Hits Ads

Say No To Revenue Hits
Say No To Revenue Hits
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Hello, If you are looking for articles like the review of ad company Revenuehits, you came to right place. Today we are going to say why you should not use Revenue Hits Ads. This article is about Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Revenue Hits Ads.

The Ad Company Website:

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Revenue Hits Ads


I have already used this Revenue Hits ads and I swear I will never use this ad company ads ever again.
My referral link for this shitty ad company was

Revenue Hits

Number 1: They Give Very Poor Revenue

Revenue Hits ads gave me very poor Revenue. After getting banned from Google Adsense, I have used the Revenue Hits Ads for some months. But believe me, the gave me so poor revenue that, I compelled to remove the ad codes later.

Number 2: They are not serving ads from secure server

Revenue Hits Company does not provide ads with a secure server. Their code is just served from some insecure server and for that, anyone can manipulate the source java scripts. It will sometimes mark your sites unsafe by Google.

Number 3: Their Ad codes so creepy that your Page Speed go from 90 to 56

They provide shitty ad codes that it takes a long time to load. Your Page Speed will go from 90 to around 50 + with that shitty loading ad codes. With slow loading websites, you will get fewer visitors day by day from the search engines.

Number 4: Their Ad Codes are still not AMP supported

Google has introduced a new project for the website called AMP. The Full meaning of AMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages. Some popular ad company has already complied with that Google AMP project. But Revenue Hits still not get their codes AMP ready. I have requested them to do so, but they are very lazy to update their codes with AMP support.

Number 5: Their Ad Codes got Sneaky Redirects Issue That makes your Site Phishing to Google

Deceptive site ahead

Earlier I have noticed when I enabled the pop-up ads from preferences; my mobile visitors got sneaky redirect issue. Later on, Google marked my sites as phishing and blocked the visitors to enter my sites directly. I have requested the support team of Revenue Hits to take care of the malicious ads and their Reply was priceless, Take a look:

Hi Toufiq
Thank you for reaching out to us. 

It might be because you are working with other ad networks besides us.

Please contact Google Webmaster and apply to clean your site.

Also, if you have too many ads on your site, or your site is marked as malware or gets banned by Google, it will hurt your earnings.

Make sure that you don’t put too many ads on your site / on every page, in order to avoid those kinds of messages from Google.

Last Words
Say no to Revenue Hits!

You can try genuine ad server like Infolinks.
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