Tips To Make The Most Of Your Virtual Reality (VR) Glasses

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality
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Although it has been some years since the existence of VR, it is now that it begins to become more popular thanks to the VR Glasses. Now people can experience VR without leaving their home.

But these products are relatively new and are in continuous growth. More and more brands are taking this product to market and with innovative improvements.

Here are tips to fully enjoy your VR glasses when you consider getting one.

Virtual Reality

Tips Before Buying Your Perfect Virtual Reality Glasses

There are many things, you have to take into account when buying VR glasses and when to you start enjoying them, and some of the most important are:

Check If Your Smartphone and Your Pc Are Ready For Virtual Reality

VR is a huge advancement in this world of technology, but at the moment not all electronic devices are capable of being compatible with it.

Before buying VR glasses, keep in mind that for you to play a virtual game, the first thing you will need is a PC or a high-end Smartphone. The dedicated VR glasses (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc.) will need a PC to work, and the VR viewers (Samsung VR, Cartonglass, Zeiss, etc.) will require a smartphone to work.

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Is Your Pc Compatible With VR Glasses?

The PC is responsible for generating the 3D environment for the dedicated VR glasses, and will usually need:

• An Intel i5-4590 processor or better.

• Operating System Window 7 SP1 of 64 bit or higher.

• At least 1 USB 2.0 port (Oculus Rift glasses need 3 USB 3.0 ports + 1 USB 2.0 port).

• HDMI 1.3 video output (HTC Vive glasses need at least 1.4).

• A 4GB RAM (Oculus Rift glasses need at least 8GB).

• An NVIDIA GTX 970/AMD R9 290 graphics card or higher.

If you have doubts, there are benchmarks (performance measurement programs) that check your equipment and tell you if your PC is compatible with VR.

For example, Oculus Rift offers the Oculus Compatibility Tool, to check the processor, graphics card, memory or USB ports and HTC Vive offers its SteamVR Performance Test check tool.

Is Your Smartphone Compatible With VR Glasses?

Most VR viewers work with the screen of a smartphone, which makes its price much cheaper than those that operate autonomously.

For this, the mobile phone must be of medium or high range, and you will need:

• A screen between 3.5 to 7 inches; Each brand and model will specify it. The more inches your mobile has, the more realistic the images will be.

• Motion sensors, accelerometer, and gyroscope. These are the ones in charge of knowing the orientation of the device and placing yourself on the screen at 360º.

• Operating system Android or iOS or Microsoft. There are VR glasses that are only compatible with one of them and others that are compatible with all.

• Screen resolution Full HD (1080 × 1920) or higher.

Choose The Right VR Glasses

The VR glasses market does not stop growing, and every time people have a more extensive offer. That’s why it’s logical that you investigate which one to choose.

You need to propose a top budget, and you will have to take into account the following details:

1. Make up your mind if you are going to spend high on technology with dedicated VR glasses or you are only going to acquire a VR viewer with the smartphone that you already have.

2. Each brand is a world. Although the end is the same, the benefits that they offer can vary greatly. There are pioneering brands such as Oculus Rift and Chinese imitation brands such as Deepoon or ANTVR, or brands that make models very different from each other, such as Andoer.

3. Check the material. Logically, the better the content is, the higher its price will rise. The main difference between elements is ABS or cardboard, like Google’s Cardboard.

4. Check if the lenses are adjustable and are made of glass. This means that the lens through which you are going to visualize the virtual images adjust to the size of your face and your eyes. If they are not adjustable, it will probably cost you to enjoy the experience. Also, if they are made of glass, they will have good transparency.

5. Check what each model of VR glasses offers you. Do not trust that in your ads and promotional videos you see a player with controllers, gun, gloves, etc. These devices are probably sold separately, and the price you see only include the VR glasses.

Keep in mind that many applications require control or other devices to be used.

6. Once you can try them, check that the straps are adjustable and that they have pads that rest on the face.

Tips After Buying Your VR Glasses

Once you have your VR glasses, your PC, and your virtual game ready to start. Here are things that you will also have to take into account:

Take Extended Breaks

After buying your VR glasses, it’s time to know how to put them to good use. If video games are already making you lose track of time, imagine what a VR game can do.

Also, the VR glasses do not see anything external. This, together with the movement of the game, can cause dizziness or feelings of discomfort. So you should not spend too much time per day with these devices and do it with extended breaks.

Although the sensations of dizziness produced by the prototypes have been eliminated by increasing the refresh rate of the screens; the manufacturers themselves recommend resting for a half hour and not driving or carrying out unsafe tasks until after a few minutes after removing the VR glasses.

It Is Not For All Ages

The manufacturers themselves also recommend that these devices should not be by children under 12 years of age.

PlayStation VR warns that their VR glasses are not recommended for children under 12 years. Even the brands Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR for safety, propose a minimum age of 13 years.

This is because it is not a technology that is geared towards children, for many reasons, such as:

• The images or vocabulary that certain games may have.

• The ability of these games to absorb people from reality and make them lose track of time.

• To see the 3D images and focus correctly requires that the view is completely formed.

On the other hand, you should also check the minimum age required to play each VR game.

Choose The Right Environment

Keep in mind that VR games are made to move, so they provide you with a 360º environment.

PlayStation VR does not require walking, but if you move your arms and stretch them, so it is best to expand the space and leave an area of 2 × 2 meters precise at least.

If you can afford a large place where you can enjoy your virtual games, your best option may be the HTC Vive, which have some position sensors that cover a room of 4 × 4 meters.

For these types of VR Glasses, you should clear the room before starting and place yourself in a place away from stairs, corners, and objects that you can reach.

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