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Wireless Technology

Wireless Technology – Blessing or Curse?

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Wireless Technology is the future, there is no doubt. But is it good for our future? Starting with some joke, what is the first cordless invention? Guess what it is flying kiss. :) Today we will discuss some innovation of cordless electrical appliances. Will also focus on how cordless Technology benefits us. We will also focus on the fact that cordless technology is harmful to our health or not.


Cordless Technology is becoming favorite day by day. It is molding our life in a various way that we cannot live a single day without it. Some decades ago, if we have to use a computer, we have to sit in front of a wire connected large machine. Along the new scientific innovation, the laptop came and solved our Cord problem. We have already enlisted the cable connected telephone into the antique pieces.


What is Wireless technology?

Wireless technology delivers the ability to connect between two or more entities over distances without the use of wires or cables of any sort. This includes communications using radio frequency (RF) as well as infrared (IR) waves. We have advanced in deep science that today we make our bank transaction through mobile within a minute.  Wireless Technology means the transfer of data without any wire connection. It is the way of communication by radio frequency invisible to the vision range of human. The main benefits of using wireless technology that it reduces the cost of the wire. It also increases the latency of the data with speeding up the data transfer.


What are examples of wireless technology?

Examples of applications of radio wireless technology include TV Remotes, laptops, Mobile Phones, Radio, Cordless telephones like Smart Android Phone or Bluetooth Devices like Bluetooth Headphones, GPS tracker, etc.


Different Types of Wireless Communication Technologies

The wireless technology is subdivided according to its size, catchment area, data transmission rate into different categories.

  • Wireless PAN – Wireless Personal Area Network
  • Wireless LAN – Wireless Local Area Network
  • Wireless MAN – Wireless Metropolitan Area Network
  • Wireless WAN – Wireless Wide Area Network
  • Mobile Device Network

The other Different Types are

  • Infrared Transmission.
  • Microwave Transmission Node.
  • Lightwave Transmission.
  • Radio Transmission.
  • Satellite Communication System


What are the advantages of wireless technology?

Wireless networks or Wi-Fi (as wireless connections are commonly known) have some advantages over wired networks. With increasing net speed, we are used to living with Wi-Fi as our daily need.

Cost Saving

Wi-Fi gives a very low-cost internet use. Every coffee shop or every shopping mall or every Airport has free Wi-Fi for better connectivity with very minimum cost. Comparing to the internet access of the Wi-Fi, mobile data is still very costly. Check the cheapest best wireless Bluetooth headphone.


Wireless Technology opens the new era of security. With using cordless GPS tracker, we can easily track the vehicles or rent a car. No one can easily hijack or snatch your motor vehicles. With CCTV camera with Wi-Fi access, you can easily monitor your house and prevent burglary.

Increased efficiency

With cordless electronic devices, we can quickly work from anywhere. We can listen to music or talk over the phone without any connected wire device. Now we do not need to go to the office to check mail or send some essential docomeents over fax. Wireless technology changes us day to day life in a sophisticated way that we cannot leave a minute without it.

Power Efficient

Various devices which are cord connected earlier are now cordless. Just think of a vacuum cleaner. Previously it was a large long machine which is connected to wear to a power socket. Now in the market, there are many cordless vacuum cleaners. It is not only powerful but also gives you the freedom of moving.


Does wireless Technology affect the environment or human health?

It is a question of long debate. Research is still going on, and some verdicts are like that microwaves hampered the brain signals of some lower animals. If you have seen the movie of Shahrukh Khan “My Name Is Khan“; You can remember the dialogue, cellular phone frequency can be a cause of death of bee. Some doctors say brain tumors with abnormal behavior can develop if someone exposed to this micro radiation for a long time. Maybe it is true or not; it is always better to sleep far away from the Wi-Fi devices and smart mobiles. Turn off the mobile data during sleep.

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