10 Unconventional Logo Designing Tips for Everyone

Logos were underrated in the past, and people assumed that they are of no use until they realized that it has got the potential to make different targets or objectives to be achieved with just an image. Logos then were made an essential part of the business marketing and branding, and people started to create attractive and eye-catching logos for getting the attention of the customers. However, it is essential to make the logo to have the effectiveness and to be able to catch the eyes of the customers. Here are some unconventional tips for designing a perfect logo.


1. Know who is your target audience

In business, we always consider the operations according to the target audience that we have, and this is also followed in designing of the logo. The choices and preferences of the customers must be exhibited and taken into considerations while making a logo to make it able to catch the attention.

Research again is another crucial thing to get anything done in the business, and the same should happen with the logo designing. Before a company or a designer makes the logo, they must know the fundamental process of designing the logo to make the logo effective.

A logo must be just more than a logo to make it remembered. It could be a mode of communication between the company and the customers. It could be a metaphor to counter against your competitors, and it could be anything that a company or designer could think creatively about but make sure that it is not only a logo.

4. Keep it simple

Simplicity is the key to making it understandable for the logo. Keeping it simple will help the organization and designer to convey the message to the target audience as well as complexity could make the logo to lose its understandability and thus will make the logo to be worthless.

5. Add concepts to it

Don’t just make logos to be a set of images, icons, colors, and shapes but instead add value to it through it by adding conceptualization to the logo. When logos are merely the combination of elements of designing they are probably worthless and might not be able to attain the objectives attached to it. Adding conceptualization to it might make it be liked by target audience as well.

6. Be timeless

Trends and fashions go out of the market too soon in recent times, and people who work according to the trends have to make progressions on a regular interval to change things. Being timeless in the logo could make the logo to be there till you want it to be. Thus, being timeless could be able to make you save costs as well.

7. Use an online logo designer

You can also design your logo online in the times of technology. The diffusion of technology to the field of logo design made the progressions in the field thus now people with no skills or knowledge about logo designing were also able to design logos on their own. These free logo designer online are easy to use and could be free or less costly at times which makes them one of the best option to consider for logo designing. If you are an amateur designer or have no knowledge about it, you can still make the logos through this.

8. The logo is the manifestation of the brand

Logos, as stated, could be used for making the representation of the brand and thus when you are designing the logo you make take this fact into account that whatever you make will then be used to represent the brand. Thus, you should pick colors, shapes, and icons according to your brand and must go for designing it according to what you think is best for the brand.

Crowdsourcing is said to include external members or participants for the suggestions, feedback, and ideas and this could be used in designing as well. Crowdsourcing could be used to make the idea innovative ideas to be brought on board. Crowdsourcing could also be used to make the logo to have the elements or characteristics that would be loved by the external participants as this is one of the sources of interaction with the external participants.

10. Before getting to software sketch the idea profoundly

Designers have ideas that are already brainstormed, but it could be one of the good things to get the idea to be sketched profoundly before you get to any software. It will make the idea to have more details, and even just a rough idea could be made brilliant through this technique. This is usually made to add more depth to the logos. So before getting it to software to make the logo and inch-perfect one according to the scales of the software, you must sketch it on the paper as many times as it takes to make the logo idea to be complete and amazing.

These are some tips that designers could relate when getting their logos done. They might have heard of a number of suggestions about elements of the logos which would have stated about what color they should choose or what shape might make their logo to have the perfect structure or maybe what icon will suit best to their logos and thus we came up with some tips that are not too conventional and might highlight some essential things about logo designing that are usually missed in the tips and techniques yet are essential to be said to the designers.

Author Bio

Jessica Ervin is a professional graphic designer who works with Design Iconic. She has been in the graphic designing industry for a long time and has vast experience in the field. Her experience has given her an insight of designing along with diligent technical skill. She has a degree in Arts from a renowned University of England along with a certification in graphic designing. What makes Jessica stand out among many designers is her exposure in different industries that have given her an understanding of what design is useful in a particular market for a specific business.

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