5 Apps Every Student’s Android Phone Should Have

ipad tablet technology touch
ipad tablet technology touch
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Are you a student? If yes, then most certainly you are having some tough time to manage your daily schedules. For example, you might find difficulty in planning your homework, preparing your assignments, setting up goals, making a budget of your money and much more issues of your student life.

Honestly speaking you are not the first student who is going through all this. Unfortunately, over the last few years, our lifestyle has changed in a drastic way, affecting our priorities and time management strategies. Parents, these days are so busy in their daily chores bringing bread and butter to their home that giving proper time to their loved ones especially children has become very difficult. But luckily, there are various Android apps available that help you a lot in organizing your life and sort out your daily issues.

Check out these apps that will make you feel relaxed.

1. Office Lens (free: iOS, Android, Windows)

Office Lens

Office lens is an interesting app that takes out pictures of your daily docomeents and assignments, your classroom whiteboard, notice boards, books, magazines, bank and grocery slips and converts them into more readable and editable images. An incredible feature of this app is that it removes glares, dark spots, scratches and shadows from pictures even if it is captured from an angle or from a distance and converts them into PDFs, Word or PowerPoint files.

2. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock (Free; iOS, Android)

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Learning is an activity directly associated with a healthy mind which is further related to the sleeping patterns of your mind. Sleeping too long and still waking up un-rested in a symbol that you are not in your sleep cycle when you get up. Sleep Cycle alarm clock is an interesting app that helps you to wake up refreshed and energetic by analyzing your sleeping patterns. It uses your phone’s microphone or accelerometer (not necessarily) to study your sleep cycle graph and helps you to wake up only when you are in your lightest sleeping state and that too within a timeslot you provided. It this way you can have your full sleep without getting late and feeling tired.

3. Microsoft Office (free; iOS, Android, paid, Windows)

Microsoft Office

This interesting app has made pretty easy and handy for students to manage and arrange docomeents, homework and presentation assignments. It took a while to finally be available on Android, but the free version of this app offers you Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and One Note features while other useful Microsoft Office features are available in Office 365 Subscription (which is also free for students). Your complete data is all time available in a cloud storage, readily available and also adaptable to your phone even if it is created on the laptop. Collaboration is very simple and easy in this app.

4. Free Graphing Calculator (free; iOS, Android)

Free Graphing Calculator

This interesting app is helpful for statistics experts and engineers in particular and in general for others. Now there is no need to carry a separate graphing calculator. It allows you to plot four different graphs at once including implicit and parametric functions. An option is also available for tabular organization of data values you input.

5. myHomework Student Planner (free; iOS, Android, Windows)

myHomework Student Planner

This app is one of the best planner apps for students to stay organized and informed about their daily activities assignments and homework. Available across all platforms, this app keeps you updated about your daily class schedules, keep on reminding you about upcoming tests and examinations as well as it keeps you informed about your project submission dates. Another interesting feature of this app is it automatically gets synced across all your platforms. The premium version of this app offers some additional services like no ads, file attachment option, customized themes and much more.

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