6 Web Design Tips to Vanquish your competitors and drive more sales

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A total number of visitors. Thanks to Analytics that everyone can see how much traffic they get on the website. However, what happens next is beyond consideration.

That’s why driving traffic on the website is easy. If you follow some website design tips and be patient, on the long-run, you’ll be able to see traffic converting into customers.

To the everyday user, the first impression is the only thing that will help them decide either to stay on the website or not. If the landing page is not engaging or enticing enough, users will not stick for long and move on to the next site.


That’s why it is necessary to follow the tips mentioned below. These tips are not new. However, these tips will help you drive more traffic than your competitors.

If you want to outsmart your competitors, you must follow these tips. For small businesses and mid-level companies, these tips will help you to convert simple visitors into raving fans.

6 Web Design Tips


A Descriptive Headline

When you visit a new website, the first thing that you see is the headline. If the caption is clear, it will be easy for you to browse the page.

That’s why it is essential to make the headlines as descriptive as possible. You cannot afford to miss the core message of the page. A clear-cut headline is challenging to make. This is why you can take inspiration from other websites. A word of caution is that you don’t need to copy the headline. Just note the pattern which they are following and make the necessary changes in your headline.

In a headline, there is a great chance to use keywords with an H1 tag. This is the only place where you can use the keyword with the H1 tag. For the rest of the page, you must use H2 tag or H3 tags.

However, on every page, you must use a descriptive headline which can inform about the theme of the page. This will help the customer know that they are visiting the relevant page for their problem.

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Avoid CTA at the top

A CTA is something which users expect in the middle or at the end of the page.

In the start, you must give something worthy to the user. So that when the user reaches in the middle of the page, the trust is already built, and it gets easy for you to sell the customer your product.

Most of the website owners make this mistake of including a lot of CTAs throughout the content. This is because while customers are browsing for content on your website, they need something valuable first before they buy from you.

If you give the customers value at the start of the page, it will be easy for the customers to trust your brand in the middle of the page, which is why it is advised to use CTAs in the bottom or the middle of the page.

Answer all the questions

When you design a page, the main reason is that the user learns all about your page.

While purchasing a product, the customer doesn’t need to think a lot. When a customer lands on the page, everything should be simple so that everyone can understand how to order from the website.

You can list a list of questions from which customer can see and get all the information which is required to place an order on your website.

When you answer most of the questions on the website, it will be easy for customers to get answers and secondly, your website will be ranked high in Google search results.

Think of all the questions that customers can think and write detailed answers to all of those questions in the FAQ section. What more you can do is to get feedback from the customers. Listen to their problems and add those problems as questions in your FAQ section.

Focus on one thing at a time

If you look at a professional website design agency, you’ll know that each page focus on one thing at a time.

When the customer lands on the website, they should see one thing, and that one thing is the core of that page. Don’t try to put more than one item on a page. This will confuse them. Moreover, you don’t want to confuse the customers.

There are hundreds of websites out there. If you want to outwit your competitors, you must design your website is a way that gives a clear message on every page.

Organize your website in a way that gives attention to one thing at a time. This will help the users to buy that particular product which they are looking for.

Use Real life photos

Gone are the times when websites can use stock photos and get away with it. The customer of today is smart. If you want to make the customer feel special, use pictures of real people. When people see other people using your product or service, it will generate an emotional response to your photos.

When you can connect with your customers on an emotional level, it will be easy for customers to trust your brand and do business with you.

This is why it is necessary to make your customers feel safe while they browse your website. Use emotions to entice your customers. When you affect the feelings of customers, it will be easy for them to buy from you.

Avoid using Social Media icons in the header

In old times it was okay to use social media icons at the top. However, now the customers are smart, and they know when things are not looking good.

The modern-day evolution tells us that social media icons are best suited at the bottom of the page. When the customer visits your website, the first thing that they need is what your brand is all about. The mission, core values of your brand.

When the customer is done reading about your brand, this is the time when you can use social media icons to let the customers know that they can connect with you on social media.

To wrap it all up

If you want to beat your competitors, it is essential that you use all the tips which are mentioned in the blog above. If you have some suggestions, feel free to share your experience too. The goal of the website should be to get those emotions floating. If the customers are not feeling anything while they are on your website, it means you have not done a good job. You must use emotions to entice the customers and solve their problems.

A customer visits your website to solve their problem. If the problem is solved, they might come again to your website. But, if they face some problem, they might not even consider coming back again.

Moreover, if you face problems in generating leads, let’s talk about that in the comment section below.

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