7 Fashion Tips for Men on a First Date

Dating Tips
Dating Tips
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Creating a style quotient of your own individualistically connotes that you are going to be lucky. When you plan for a particular date or a night out with your beloved, it is not so casual. Going out in your joggers and a shirt is all passé! It is all about looking sophisticated, with style. But then the most important thing is that you have to be comfortable with what you are wearing.

Alright, don’t think over this much. Seven fashion tips for men on a first date, right from your hair-do to footwear, and all-encompassing, we have listed, which will thus flatter your time inevitably.

Dating Tips
Dating Tips

7 Fashion Tips for Men on a First Date

Too suited?

Searching for a meaningful relationship is not about how you appear. When you are planning for your first date, your exteriors matter the most. Always remember, a first impression is still the best impression!

There is nothing as compared to a smartly attired man, in a crisp suit. But then, when you are out on your first date, if you are overdressed, the whole show will be a flop one! Try being satisfied by wearing a combination of a classy blazer, along with neutral-colored pants. Very mild checked and designed ones, more or less work well, while providing a solid contrast to the solid colored pants with a brightly colored shirt.

classy blazer
classy blazer

Side-step crafty apparel

Style is something of speaking who you are, without having to speak!!! Yes, that’s right. Though any original text embossed on a t-shirt might get some smirks from your mates, but the rate of immaturity is never something which you want to convey while on your first date. If wearing a T-shirt comes under your comfort zone, then try going for an adaptable polo, which you can dress as you wish. Somewhat with a bold stripe or a single pocket, will aid your attire verging on the wrong-side of casuals.

Persona says it all

Ever let your first dating’s attire overpower your persona. All you desire that your date should pay all the attention to you, and thus engrossed in the tete-a-tete. A whole lot of distraction happens when you wear anything too loud! A constant distraction is bound to take place. Moreover, this goes for the attention-grabbing accessories, similar to king-size watches, shiny (faux leather) shoes, and too much jewelry.

Seamless final touch-ups

For a first date, your attire is not lone ‘the factor,’ but also certain other aspects have to be kept in mind. Try visiting an excellent barbershop to get your hair trimmed and beard (if you have one), cut too! And, if you are a clean-shaven man, then pamper yourself with a good shave and a bit of massage. A tad of a sensual yet spiced aftershave will do the needful. Your impression eclipses by the great perfume, beside the overpowering outfit you opt to wear on your first date. Moreover, if you being an ardent admirer of donning the bead bracelets for men, plan in accordance to the attire and the environment you will be going!

Shoe – factor

Believe it or not, the footwear which you wear tells a lot about your personality! Thus try choosing a clean and polished yet classy pair of shoes. Try opting for an elegant black colored pair of brogues, for an evening out.

A Watch to watch!

A man should invest in a classy wristwatch. The advantage? A classy wristwatch can enhance your entire look, with not too much of an effort. Make it a point to keep your wrist well-equipped with a tasteful, steel timepiece as similar to Omega or Rado. It will add-on points to your style factors and also claim you to be very punctual!


Last but not least, a great-looking wallet will make your day! Try getting your hands on the Hide-sign wallets or any branded ones. It should look roomy, well-made, and a timeless one.


To find a meaningful relationship, it is not always dependable on looks. But then, while you plan for your first-date with somebody special, your full garb should be presentable yet an attractive one. Looks always tend to make the right amount of impact.

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