10 Quick Tips on how to Speed Up an Android App Development

Android App Development
Android App Development
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App development is a taxing and time-consuming process. Each stage involves a lot of effort by skillful developers to make something that becomes popular overnight.

However, there are certain tricks of the trade which you must deploy in your app development that can speed up the task and at the same time, reduce the cost of an app development process.

Let us learn about ten easy and quick tips on how to Speed Up an Android App Development.

Do not rule out the possibility of hybrid app development

Hybrid App development is much quicker than native app development. It speeds up the process of reaching out to customers and therefore lets you penetrate into the widest possible market space.


When you code for the cross-platform app, you have the advantage of running multiple apps on different platforms simultaneously. This is the biggest advantage of accruing with developing hybrid apps. You can even opt for native apps at a later stage.

Choose Low-fidelity wireframes

Wireframing is an important step of app development. Experts have surmised that low fidelity wireframes are speedy and a way better option than their high-fidelity counterparts. Do not jump into the coding process as it will be futile as surmised by the Android app developers.

First, you have to bring all key players viz. designers, coders, developers, and project managers on the table and then take the next step. Low fidelity wireframes will bring everybody on the same page.

These wireframes are designed to portray a clear picture for the developers and UI designers and at the same time, are very fluid.

Delegate your menial activities

There will always be some not-so-significant tasks which if you delegate will save your time. You can assign activities like increasing app engagement, measuring app analytics, converting free subscribers to premium ones, etc.

You can offload these activities to pre-designed applets, which can easily be incorporated in your app. These applets can help you with things like sharing tools, new features tools, feedback tools, etc.

Undertake automated testing

As compared to manual testing, automated tested apps are extremely secure and produce effective apps in just a couple of seconds. Automated testing deploys checking the app across all the testing tools at the same time. This scales down the testing time and also improves test coverage.

Avoid unnecessary configurations

Make sure you only incorporate those configurations in your app that are really needed in its development. Adding excessive configurations can overload your app and hamper the working of incremental builds.

A good mobile app development company will work strategically and not expend its effort in compiling insignificant additional resources to the likes of screen density or language localization.

Use robust and latest tools

Android app development company is always tasked with complicated jobs like designing, prototyping, coding, testing, debugging, among a horde of others. Naturally, these tasks consume a lot of time and require a lot of effort.

Therefore, using the latest tools that cut down heavily on this effort must be welcomed. While some important steps will have to be taken along the harder route, these nifty tools can help with some other easier tasks. Butterknife, Hierarchy Viewer, LeakCanary, etc. are some great tools that can help you achieve better results in the least possible time.

Outsource your specialized development tasks

The best way to beat the competition in the market and stay relevant is to outsource app development to specialized Android app development companies. Even if you have in-house coding resources and infrastructure, hand over the creation and maintenance of the entire product to domain experts. This will offload your burden and will also cut down development costs.

Get the MVP option

Though MVP (minimum viable product) is not a great option, but it will help you penetrate into the market very quickly.  It will track the feedback you receive and then develop the rest of the app on the basis of it. The feedback given by your customers will be paid attention to and determine the development of the app on the basis of it.

Measure your performance

Make sure you accurately measure your existing performance. You can use Traceview for profiling and explore the possibility of trying out the alternatives. You can work on the changes suggested by Traceview data and weigh the options of transforming coding into something faster and efficient.

Use Third-Party Assets

There are numerous websites that provide ready-made assets that you can easily incorporate into your mobile projects and coding. These websites deliver the high-quality product instantly and also save your time in developing apps.

Unity Asset Store is one such website that provides thousands of ready-made resources for you, such as characters, special effects, and cameras. It also delivers a wide array of productivity tools that can cut downtime consumed in writing code.


Incorporate these tips into your app development process to speed it up big time. You will cut down your investment with the help of these cost-effective tips and save it for adding that extraordinary tinge to your app that lures more and more customers.

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Noman ShaikhNoman Shaikh

Noman shaikh is Digital Marketing Manager of Peerbits & Fixlastmile, one of the leading mobile application development company the USA, in 2011, which provides Blockchain app development services. His visionary leadership and flamboyant management style have yield fruitful results for the company.

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