BMW X4 – An Odd Bird Rides Fast With An SUV Clearance

BMW X4 Rare
BMW X4 Rare
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BMW X4 previewed at the 2018 Chicago auto show, and it was an ever baffling experience to see the new X4 fastback SUV. The SUV has been introduced with millions of serious promises. Although it is entertaining to drive unluckily, there are many compromises.

It was for the first time when it was felt that BMW had cheated its lovers with X4 fastback SUV, which is fun to drive in front seats and painful on the rear. It looks like a prison van experience for the back seat riders and luxury experience on the front side.

BMW already had a bunch of fastbacks on offer, but the riding experience faced on the new X4 was different and odd. They offered three other fastbacks at the same time at the motor show, and it is a sure thing that there would have many body options with all these offerings. BMW has a great range of SUV models as well where its X series is purely based on the SUVs. Means to say that offering new variations in the current segment is not an odd thing. But offering an odd thing is a weird thing.


What is it?

BMW X4 xDrive 30i is the model tested by testing team, BMW calls it a SAC rather than SUV, means a sports activity coupe. It is just another way of saying SUVs as its entire range of X series models is based on the same vehicles. X1 and x3 look sporty, and they are SUVs too.

The average ground clearance of these models is also identical to an SUV in the market; similarly, the X3 and X5 are identified as SUVs, and now X4 comes in the same category as of the X6, fastback SUVs. The X4 is odd in the way if the center crease on the body would be a border, the upside is a crossover and area below the belt is merely a fastback saloon.

Is it an ultimate crossover machine?

There are many factors to be considered to mark the vehicle as an ultimate sheering machine, let’s start with the platform, BMW X4 shares its platform with the third generation X3, so there is nothing new under the body. Secondly, the model is 81mm longer and 37mm more extensive than the X3, and more than two-third length has been added to the wheelbase of the model.

The X4 uses the aluminum combined with the high tensile steel to reduce the weight to more than 50kg. The xDrive 30i comes with the 2.0-liter twin turbo engine. This engine is an inline four-cylinder unit capable of cranking 248hp and massive torque of 258lb-ft of torque.

Behind the wheel, it takes around six seconds to reach the benchmark speed of 62 miles per hour. An uprated trim of the X4 is M40 which is powered by an inline six-cylinder engine. The X4 comes with the eight-speed automatic transmission, and a manual option is also offered as a standard feature.


Apart from these features, there is a list of other elements where paddle shifters, dynamic stability control system, M Sports suspension system, and a variable sports steering system makes the X4 fun to drive. There are some options offered on the X4 vehicles including the driver assist which is not included in the standard features.

On the other hand, the lane keeps assist, and adaptive cruise control system can also be bought for some more money if the inline four-cylinder engines are too punchy for driving needs of a family or off-road drivers. The models can be upgraded to the M40i, and its 3.0-liter inline model is again a bit more expensive.

Behind the wheel

The sports models have plenty of zipping and the four cylinders 2.0-litre BMW engines are more than capable of pushing the 2-ton vehicle on the motorway with elite speed and power. You can hear the pipe in engine noise while in the cabin. While driving hard on the highway, the roar of the engine converted into the higher pitched sound than expected when floored. The sounds are more akin to smaller, and it is one of the more powerful and high-performance vehicles if compare to the same batch SUVs and crossovers.

The X4 has been tested on the track for all its performance, safety features and comfort level. The automotive safe space, it has been noticed that the X4 is reliable and responsive on the road, but when it comes to the comfort level, it has some different story to tell. During the cornering features, the steering feels vague and mushy. No instability or even the roll was handled, but compared to the other SUVs in the market, the X4 didn’t handle as composed. The sensation acceleration is not out of the apex.

When it comes to the fuel economy figures, the X4 returns more than 25 miles per gallon on average, the city traffic fuel economy is rated at 22 miles per gallon and on the motorway 30 miles per gallon fuel economy is just awesome. If the X4 navigated into the quartered areas, BMW park assist system loves to park the X4 in the squared areas.

Once activated to park the vehicle, a split view on the iDrive display appears to assist you in the parking process. It shows a 360-degree view of the car, top-down view of the car while the other half shows the camera imagery to get the better idea of the car. The view can be easily changed by touching the camera icon on display. It pretty useful in the situation when the driver is far away from the vehicle.

No alarms and no surprises

The X4 piloting around the suburbs and country roads, it gives a comfortable riding experience and rides exclusively steady and comfortable. The difference between standard sports mode is marked as the previous model of the X4 was more comfortable on the rear seats and even for the front Enders later offering up a bit different settings. There is no surprise at all that the X4 is a driver-focused vehicle through and through.

Local SUV dealers

The need is to take a moment to think of the occupants sitting on the rear seats, while the front seating combination is just excellent. All the possible shortcomings showed on the rear seats of the vehicle. A real cramped and uncomfortable rear seating compartment and it is not for few but most of the adults sitting on the back seats.
Cramped and uncomfortable seats make it very difficult for any of the drivers to recommend the X4 for anyone.

From the front side of the vehicle, it is a powerful and comfortable looking vehicle, but when you look at the rear end of the vehicle, it is a real cramp. It shows that the car is a bit mismatched with the rear end to the front end of the vehicle. If you like the crossover styling and hatchbacks and you are also looking for more space at the rear, move up for the X6 models instead of the X4.

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