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Booking An Event Venue – Things to Consider

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Are you planning a corporate event? If yes, chances are you have to make several decisions. Selecting a place is the most crucial decision that you need to make. It’s the event venue that impacts the entire flow of the show. Also, it has an essential role to play when it comes to catering to all the expectations of the company and even the event attendees.

Today, you will come across several service providers that enable you to choose from the best event venues. Few brands allow you to choose from some of the unique and unusual event venues, as well. Do you want something similar? If yes, you can check out the unique Miami event space.

Booking an event venue


However, it is essential to choose the best event venue space. For that, you need to consider a few crucial factors. The essential ones are:

  1. The location

It is the most critical factor to consider. Is it a local event? If yes, then it makes sense if you are opt-in for a reasonable distance so that other corporate can attend your event easily. Do you have a few corporates who would arrive out of town? You can check if you get a venue that is close to the airport. It is essential to consider transportation, traffic as well as parking. Make sure that you ask for official docomeentation of the venue booking agreement from the service provider. It will help you to make the necessary changes to the service terms if there’s a need. Also, keeping docomeentation of essential corporate deals is essential. It is helpful if you have more than 300 corporate attendees in your event.

Do you want to make sure that your attendees are on time? If yes, then create a mobile event app, which is usually used by most brands today. This app or event flow-chart provides driving directions, venue details, GPS maps, shuttle, and parking data with just as a click. It will make sure that the attendees have all the necessary information to be there at the venue on time. In case the event venue is inside a production studio, then you can use maps with pins. If its corporate trade fair or exhibition, you can opt-in for parallel sessions, posters, communicative indoor maps, and the like. It will enable the attendees to figure out their path and be there on time.

  1. Take care of the parking requirements

Does the event value provide valet parking? You need to enquire about this before you book the venue. Your corporate attendees will arrive in their cars. Hence, it is essential to have an elaborate parking space, so that it enables them to park their vehicle in a convenient location without any hassles. Few event venues would require you to book the exact parking spots. For this, you need to ensure that attendees who would be bringing their vehicles and get a formal reservation done.


Sometimes, an event venue has a shuttle parking space, as well. In case of urgent need, the organizers can negotiate and get some free space in this parking space as well. It’s always better if the event venue provides valet parking. It usually is the mark of an upscale event and will add to your brand’s reputation as well.

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  1. Minimums and capacity

It is essential to understand the concept of capacity! It is necessary to know the exact room capacity for the venue for a couple of reasons. You can’t comfortably fit about 500 people in a room that has an ability of 250 heads. Furthermore, you also need to consider the safety and fire codes, which the venue must adhere to.

After this, you need to consider the food and beverage minimums. Usually, the event venue sets a minimum on the food and beverage. For this, you can take count of your previous event headcount and fix a count as the minimum. Here it is always better to negotiate with the venue if they will provide any complimentary services on the spending. Sometimes, when you ask for complimentary offers, the event venue does provide some freebie.

It is also essential to count on the attendee’s feedback! And your event venue must have a way to know the same. There can be a corner in the event venue with a small box, where people can drop in their suggestions on the food. Today, there are automated feedback boxes with three or four questions, with option buttons that the attendees click on to share their feedback. If an event venue makes this provision, it suggests that the service provider is progressive and professional. They count on feedback to enhance their services.

  1. Amenities and services

Ask if the event venue has a kitchen? If yes, then can the venue offer catering services for the event? If they are willing to do so, chances are they might take off the facility cost and charge you cash down payment. It can comprise of the food expense for every attendee. The event venue that doesn’t have a kitchen facility might get associated with food providers, which you can use. Make sure that you sample their food in advance. If the food is not up to the mark, it might create a negative impact.

  1. The event venue facilities and features

Corporate attendees might want to take pictures of the event and share it on social media. Hence, the event venue must have perfect lights and space management. Also, the venue should have a free Wi-Fi connection for attendees to browse through their emails and social media profiles.

The venue needs to have a cleaning crew at work round the clock to ensure that the venue is safe and clean. Also, the venue staff should be knowledgeable and be able to help the attendees about any venue related queries. The restrooms and guestrooms should get cleaned from time to time. Also, water tea and light snacks should be available around the clock.

These are some of the essential pre-requisites to check when you want to have a successful corporate event. Make sure you assess the event venue on these few essential parameters before you sign the final deal.

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