Teeth Whitening Aftercare Tips

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Are not you happy with your smile? Are not you pleased with any aspect of your teeth or smile?

Do you want whiter and brighter teeth to feel confident and approach the world with more confidence? Has your smile lost its sparkle or charm?

Well, teeth whitening procedure is there for people as it only can ensure sparkling whiter teeth but will also help improve the beauty of your smile significantly. The treatment is gaining popularity among people who’re ready to benefit from cosmetic dental procedures to look and feel good.

Teeth whitening procedure alone can never help keep your smile beautiful as there are some other factors as well, which you need to consider. From food choices to lifestyle habits, from drinking to smoking, a lot can ruin the real charm of your smile. You need to be cautious with your day to day activity for a wonderful smile.

Teeth Whitening Aftercare Tips

Teeth whitening is indeed a great way to get the teeth whiter and brighter, but the results once achieved are not lifelong. You will need to care about the procedure to maintain the new-found shine and whiteness to the teeth.

  • Teeth whitening procedures can come in many forms, including –
  • The use of stain removal toothpaste
  • Benefiting from the strips and pastes available over the counter
  • Dentist-Backed home treatment with several visits with the procedure
  • In-office bleaching with one visit for amazing whitening results

No matter which teeth whitening procedure is trusted, there will be desired results making your teeth a few shades whiter and brighter in the process. However, with whitening comes a certain responsibility and aftercare so that the benefits are made to stay longer.

If the right care is not taken, all the benefits of the whitening procedure could be lost quickly that it should. So, you should be extra careful after teeth whitening. Here are some of the key teeth whitening aftercare tips.

Avoid chewy foods

If you have recently undergone a teeth whitening procedure, it’s better to be cautious with food choices. You must avoid foods that are overly chewy as they can cause harm to the whitened teeth. Chewing foods can cling to the teeth surface, thereby causing a stain to the sparkling white teeth. Any edible item that is slushy in nature can offset all the benefits that teeth whitening brings. It’s always better to avoid them for a few days after the procedure. After a week or so, you can always start eating what you like, and this won’t affect the freshly whitened teeth much.

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Brush in a gentle manner

You should always brush gently, more so after having undergone a teeth whitening procedure. When brushing is gently and smooth, this will not cause any damage to your sensitive teeth. If you brush in a harsh manner, post the procedure, there will always be a risk that the sparking white color coat might wear off earlier than it should. Worse still, not brushing gently means there will always be some risk to the tooth enamel, which may weaken over time, increasing the risk of tooth decay. So, brush as gently as possible and maintain the benefits of the whitening procedure.

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Avoid dyed beverages

Severe staining can happen to those who consume dyed beverages more often. From teas to offers to red wines, anything that is dyed can leave the teeth severely stained and discolored together with dulling their natural shine and whiteness. So, post teeth whitening treatment, you should consume only those beverages or foods that are not dyed and that are light in color. Such items won’t cause any harm to your newly whitened teeth; neither will do they weaken the enamel. So, take care of this aspect and maintain the natural magic of your smile.

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Stay away from tobacco products

If you have got your teeth whitened just recently, it’s then prudent not to use tobacco in any form. When you chew tobacco or smoke, it can leave the teeth with a severe form of staining. A yellowish tinge can also appear on the teeth due to tobacco use, thereby diluting all the benefits that the procedure may have delivered. Look, tobacco in any form is bad not only for your smile or dental health but also for overall health. So, keep away from tobacco and keep the shine of your teeth intact for longer.

Use sensitivity products

Some type of sensitivity to hot and hot temperatures is quite obvious when you have a tooth whitening procedure. You may feel like having a tingling sensation in the mouth when you eat something hot or cold. This sensitivity is nothing to be worried about as it goes away on own within a few days post the treatment. You can also buy a toothpaste to minimize sensitivity to a great extent or apply a gel for the same purpose. These products can minimize all the discomfort that is quite common after the whitening procedure.

Don’t overdo the whitening treatment

To err is human. And if you are to err, why not them on the right side of the caution? This means you should avoid overdoing the whitening treatment if the results from the first procedure have not gone your way. Going for the second round of whitening immediately after the first can actually cause more harm than benefits. This can weaken the enamel, which ultimately leads to tooth decay. So, the right strategy is to take adequate time between two whitening procedures and let the teeth stay in the best possible shape.

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Follow up with a dental visit

A follow-up visit with the dentist is one of the key parts of aftercare that every person who’s undergone whitening should do. The dentist can do a thorough check-up and evaluation of the teeth and gums to see if everything was done correctly. The dentist may also help with sane advice on the foods, oral care habits, lifestyle preferences in the wake of teeth whitening procedure. So, you should always trust the dentist Greenpoint to be on the safe side.

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