Tips for finding & fixing broken links in WordPress Site

Wordpress broken link
Wordpress broken link
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Broken links are critical for user experience!

However, they can also damage the WordPress SEO ranking.

Indeed, the studies have claimed that broken internal linking impacts the SEO rankings.

The causes for the presence of broken links could be any! However, the most common situation is irrelevant information, technical breakdown, or carelessness of the user or developer. This article aims to show how the broken links can be found and fixed in WordPress to convert user experience and boost SEO ranking.

It is defined as a link that does not work anymore. This can be because of many reasons. The common one is when the page is removed or moved to another location, resulting in a “404-not found” error.

Broken links occur when the website moves to some new domain. Or when the page or post is deleted without any exact redirection.

There are situations when the broken links occur because of typos and do not get noticed for a long time.

Hence, it is significant to examine the broken links regularly on the WordPress website. Simultaneously, following the tactics to fix them. Do not let them affect the SEO ranking.

Finding and fixing broken links on WordPress is needed for any resource whose lifespan is more than two to three months. It is essential to know that links can be damaged for various reasons.

But, if we talk about the complex promotion of a business on the Internet, then completely abstracting from links is an unimaginable and unwise decision. Instead, it is better to entrust their correct creation and development to professionals.

With the increase in the duration of the resource’s existence, unfortunately, the number of nonexistent sources of additional information also grows. Working regularly on WordPress Web Development Services helps search broken links and take steps to fix them or transform them into a proper form.

It is worth mentioning the plugins, which also do an excellent job of finding broken WordPress links, but in the process, some of them unnecessarily overload the system.

Link Checker is one of the main plugins related to finding nonexistent links in WordPress. Its task is to find such links on the Internet site, as well as inaccessible images.

A distinctive feature of this plugin is that its work involves detecting two main types of links; external and internal.

Internal ones provide audiences with access to pages within the same resource, while external ones lead to content from third-party sites.

It is important to note that article promotion of a site or promotion using a link system is the most advantageous option for monetizing traffic. Consequently, increasing profits and improving site rankings, so the link mass must exist on any resource.

Another plugin for finding broken links is Broken Link Checker. It scans the entire resource and all its elements, after which, if desired, sends a report by email. The plugin is distinguished by the convenience and simplicity of quickly editing broken links that surfaced in the report.

The next functioning plugin is WP Broken Link Status Checker. Its advantage can be considered the minimum load on the system during operation. In addition, it can check selected items and the implementation of scheduled scans.

It is also possible to edit nonexistent links right in the open report window by clicking on the “Show results” window in the description of the scan results.

These are arguably the most popular WordPress mislinking systems that will be another good step to success and profit.

All erroneous links undoubtedly negatively affect the optimization of resource promotion. Advertising remains the main “tool” of Internet marketing, but it involves text content and the transition to internal and external links, which are damaged.

Removing broken links from a WordPress website is an easy task. You just need to install the necessary BrokenLinkChecker system.

The Broken Link Checker plugin has several advantages, and therefore it is useful to use it. It systematically begins to function immediately after installation and scans selected site elements using a user-defined program. In addition, the plugin has some tools that adapt to the situation, provide the ability to immediately eliminate the problem of broken links, and perform many other irreplaceable functions.

  • After installing the plugin, you need to go to the “Tools” section, then “Incorrect links,” and the program will immediately start searching for nonexistent sources.
  • Soon the search ends, the plugin will show all broken links, and the user can either delete them or edit them, making them work.
  • The functional settings of the system can be left as standard, but we would like to mention possible changes. To do this, go to the “Parameters” section, then “Link Checker.”
  • A window indicates you can set the time at what interval the broken links will be scanned. Of course, it would be more expedient to disable the plugin immediately after the check, and in the case of the next scan, activate it again. But, if the user leaves the system active, this setting will be very useful.
  • Another window represents a box, a checkmark that will mean consent to receive notifications by mail about the appearance of new broken links.
  • Some options represent items with windows to indicate which sections of the site should be checked for broken links.
  • The other options make it possible to set the status of the checked posts. This list of basic settings will help you remove and fix broken links on WordPress sites.

The most important thing in working on creating any project is to have an idea of what content the site will represent. And, using external and internal links in the sections, remember that the audience negatively perceives broken links. It can lead to a decrease in trust, a drop in rating, and inhibition of the correct functioning of the entire resource.

Therefore, it would be more correct to approach in detail the question of the success of your project and entrust the development to hire WordPress developers.

As of now, you must have a clear picture in your mind of how much backlinks are essential for SEO and user experience. Hence, keeping a check and fixing them is of utmost importance.

However, you can also use any of the below off-site solutions:

  • Ahrefs SEO audit tool can be used to fix broken links. It is a suggested method if you can access it.
  • Google Search Console’s Crawl Error Reports.
  • Free web-based SEO software such as
  • Free desktop SEO tools such as Screaming Frog.

Wrapping Up

We hope that our article will help each user understand what broken links are and find and fix them without difficulty.

Do you know of any other broken link checking and fixing solutions? Let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

Bio: Emma Watson is a dedicated WordPress developer & technical writer. Currently, she is associated with WordSuccor Ltd. She loves to share her knowledge regarding WordPress with others.

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