WordPress Private

How to Make Your WordPress Site Private?

There are numerous reasons to keep WordPress site private. If you are using your website for commercial use or just sharing your views with people, most people often keep it public. Different search engines lead the audience towards your site, which will increase the popularity and lead to revenue generation. Sometimes, you want to keep […]

AI to Develop WordPress Website

How is AI Used To Develop WordPress Website

The theory behind artificial-intelligence, in its most basic terms, will always be to produce machines that carry tasks that individuals commonly do. And of course, fully replace individual activities, synthetic intelligence-powered devices could carry boring activities from their manner. To successfully try it, it employs a tech named machine-learning that, since its name implies, empowers […]

Ideal Wordpress Robots.txt Example [2019]

Ideal WordPress Robots.txt Example [2019]

Robots.txt file is in the root directory of your website. For example, on www.example.com website, robots.txt file address will look like https://www.shoutmecrunch.com/robots.txt and should be available at this address. It represents a typical text file, which corresponds exception standard for robots, and includes one or more rules, each of which forbids or allows one or another web […]