Career Opportunities: 7 Free Ways to Become Demanded C++ Developer

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Despite its relatively short history of existence, the C languages ​​gained immense popularity and became the basis for most of the currently known programs. C ++ is used to create operating systems, unique applications for embedded systems, apps, device drivers and high-performance servers, as well as games.

Many implementations of the C ++ language, both free and commercial, have been created for platforms such as Visual C ++, Intel C ++ Compiler. C ++ language influenced other languages for programming, like Java and C #.

Initially, the C ++ syntax was taken from C. One of the principles of its creation was maintaining compatibility with C. People who choose the C developer profession are in demand on the modern market. How to become a C ++ developer with a minimum investment of money?


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Competencies of C++ Developer

C ++ programmer develops operating systems, games, programs, so if you need the tasks of this particular category to be done, hire C plus developer for them to manage it perfectly. The C developers’ professional competencies list includes drawing up technical assignments, supporting a project to create software, applications, they are engaged in their testing, debugging, and further launching.

Every three years, a new standard for C++ language is adopted, where more and more new features of the language are added, its design becomes more complex, while its code becomes more readable.

C ++ is statically typed, compiled, supports low-level memory handling, and is not overloaded with syntax.

Hard skills С++ developer has:

  • Skills of working with large amounts of information
  • Knowledge of MySQL, PgSQL;
  • Knowledge and development experience in C / C ++;
  • Experience in developing applications/software /OS/games;
  • Knowledge and experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript;
  • Ability to make and read technical assignments;
  • Ability to understand someone else’s code;

Soft skills С++ developer has:

  • A responsible attitude to work;
  • Good ability to self-study;
  • Analytical mind;
  • Attention to details;
  • Structural thinking;

Reasons to Choose C++ Developer Profession

C++ programmers usually work in teams, have good knowledge in applied computer science and mathematics, computer technology, and also speak foreign languages. The quality of the specialist work directly depends on the speed of project promotion. Therefore this profession is well suited for responsible and active people.

The popularity of C++ programmers is high. Now employers need c developer, which is multitasking and has knowledge of Python, C, and other languages. Level of C ++ developer salary is directly connected with the knowledge of other languages.

Studying C ++ is a promising direction, as the language is not too complicated for beginners. Knowledge of the basics of C ++ will be an excellent foundation for developers who wish to expand their experience through the study of C, C #, Java, Kotlin, or Python.

Pros and Cons from Hiring C Developers

People who are engaged in the profession of C++ developer are costly but reliable specialists. If you want to hire C developer, your project is going to be a success.


  1. Using C ++ language as one of the most popular programming languages.
  2. Possibility of remote collaboration
  3. Large selection of payment levels for companies of any size.
  4. C ++ is a fast language that is great for creating commercial and internal programs.
  5. C ++ developer will write a program that will be universal on any platform, which is very profitable in terms of money


  1. As a rule, the programmer cannot become a good specialist just with a university background. Most of demanded C developers are self-educated. Education can only put the foundation of engineering knowledge. All the rest is abilities and hard work. Therefore, if the company is looking for a good specialist in-house or for remote work, it is necessary to conduct a large number of tests and interviews to make sure the person meets requirements.

Free Resources to Get Knowledge of C++ Development

Games, search engines, antiviruses are only a very short list of what they are developing today using C ++. Usually, developers learn this language after gaining experience with C or another simple language. Here we gathered good free sources for you to understand how the language works and where to apply it.

  1. Exercism

This site provides programming exercises in C #, C ++, Haskell, JavaScript, Lua, Ruby, and Scala. Exercises are written by programmers from around the world, and students can get feedback from experts who will help find the right solution.

edX is a large open-source platform for higher education. This website provides training materials that will tell you about such languages and skills: HTML, CSS, Java, jQuery, C ++.

Courses for this site are created by Russian companies and universities. Although Stepic doesn’t have much material on specific programming languages, here you can learn fundamental knowledge from the field of mathematics and the theory of algorithms that will be useful to every developer.

Stanford University presented a guide on the basic standards for the design of C ++ code. The ability to correctly form your code is a valuable skill, as it at times, facilitates the work of others.

This is a book that is written to support as beginners as proficient C++ developers to keep to the language standards. It is free to read and use, contains all the basic information about international requirements and relaxations to the language.

Scott Meyers became famous in an IT world as a consultant on C++ language. His book “Effective C++” helps to understand all the obscurity about the C++. Watch the video to find out answers to the most difficult points about the language.

We left this resource for a desert. Everyone who is going to become acquainted with C++ language must read this book. This excellent guide can teach you to program with style and proficiency.

Bottom Line

At the moment in the world of software development, there is a situation that knowledge of certain technologies and experience of their application has a high price. Modern society needs many programmers who can perform strictly defined functions. A specialist who obtained C ++ knowledge is very much appreciated these days in campaigns. These developers are able to create a fast cross-platform program that can quickly bring a large income to a company. The Internet contains a large number of free resources for learning C ++, and we hope our list will help you make the right steps towards the demanded specialization.

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